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Heritage Tree Program

Tacoma’s Heritage Tree program was established by City Council in December 2023 to provide protection, recognition, foster appreciation, and inspire awareness for the contribution that Tacoma's mature trees provide to the community. Heritage tree designation helps the City achieve a greater overall tree canopy to preserve the scenic beauty and natural environment of Tacoma, prevent erosion and sedimentation in waterways, encourage quality development, provide shade and wildlife habitat, counteract pollutants in the air, reduce heat island effects, and decrease wind velocities and noise. Designation of heritage trees connects the past to the present by preserving historic trees for the enjoyment of future generations. Heritage trees may live on public or private property within the city.


Currently Recognized Heritage Trees:

  1. Red oak, DBH: 64-in (Wright Park)
  2. Mockernut hickory, DBH: 33-in (Wright Park)
  3. Red maple, DBH: 36-in (Wright Park)
  4. Narrow-leaved ash, DBH: 38-in (Wright Park)
  5. Paper birch, DBH: 39-in (Wright Park)
  6. European ash, DBH: 30-in (Wright Park)
  7. Plume Sawara cypress, DBH: 25-in (Wright Park)
  8. Spanish chestnut, DBH: 61-in (Wright Park)
  9. American chestnut, DBH: 53-in (Wright Park)
  10. Giant sequoia, DBH: 83-in (Wright Park)
  11. Coliseum maple, DBH: 41-in (Wright Park)
  12. Rock elm, DBH: 38-in (Wright Park)
  13. Silverleaf magnolia, DBH: 31-in (Wright Park)
  14. Tuliptree, DBH: 70-in (Wright Park)
  15. English field maple, DBH: 29-in (Wright Park)
  16. Horse chestnut, DBH: 39-in (Wright Park)
  17. Pond cypress, DBH: 22-in (Wright Park)
  18. Sugar maple, DBH: 62-in (Wright Park)
  19. Montpelier maple, DBH: 22-in (Wright Park)
  20. English oak, DBH: 43-in (Wright Park)
  21. Bigleaf maple, DBH: 53-in (N. Orchard St)
  22. Giant sequoia, DBH: 147-in (Jefferson Park)

View a guided tour of Tacoma's currently recognized Heritage Trees:



Please view Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 9.20.400 Heritage Trees for qualification and nomination criteria.

To be considered for heritage designation, all nominated trees must be in healthy condition and have the express permission of the property owner, or adjacent property owner in the case of public right-of-way trees.

To nominate a heritage tree, please fill out the online survey below:




If you're unable to complete the survey above, but would still like to nominate a tree, download the fillable PDF, complete, and email or mail to:


Tacoma Urban Forestry

Heritage Tree Program

Center for Urban Waters

326 E D St

Tacoma, WA 98421