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Permits for Residential Parking Zones

The Residential Parking Program (RPP) limits on-street parking to participating residents living on designated blocks. Parking in a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) is limited to two hours during hours of operation for those vehicles without a Residential Parking Permit.

To legally park in the RPZs, a vehicle must register their vehicle online and have an active account. Permits are only issued to residents whose home address resides along an RPZ and may only be obtained through online registration.


Accessing the Permit Portal:


Don't have an account yet? 

Follow the steps below for creating an account and requesting permits:

  1. Create an account via the RPP Portal (CLICK HERE). Then click the green “Sign Up” button in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Fill out the required fields with your contact and address information.
  3. Upload valid credit card information.
  4. Upload proof of residency, picture identification and additional documentation if required.
  5. Request vehicle permits.

*Your account information and documents will be reviewed by Parking Services staff. If approved, your permit(s) will become active and your credit card will be charged. If not approved, you will receive a message telling you what is needed to be approved. New accounts may take up to 72 hours for approval. Once residential accounts have been approved, all permit requests will be approved automatically.*


Parking Permit Requirements

To receive a permit, all of the following requirements must be met:

  1. Must be a current resident or property owner of the zone for which the permit is to be issued
  2. Proof of residency must be shown with at least one of the following: 
                    A.  A valid driver’s license with current address
                    B.  A current property tax statement
                    C.  A current utility bill in the requester’s name dated within 30 days of the date of application
                    D.  Voter registration card with current address
  3. If renting/leasing a residential space, a copy of an executed lease between the owner or agent of the property and the tenant or tenants. Only those tenants indicated on the lease will be considered eligible to purchase permits. Subleases are not accepted.
  4. Any other documentation deemed acceptable by City Staff.

Additional Information About Participating in a Residential Parking Zone:

  1. Purchased permits are transferable. City staff must complete a permit transfer on the users behalf.
  2. No refunds will be made or credits issued for any permits that have been purchased.
  3. Permits may be revoked in the event it is determined that the owner of the vehicle no longer resides along the RPZ. 
  4. Permits may be purchased within the year but the cost of the permits is not prorated.
  5. Credentials must be displayed or utilized in the manner prescribed by the City.
  6. Each permit shall be valid only for the particular vehicle, year, and permit area for which it is issued.  The registration number on the resident permit must match the license plate of the vehicle on which it is active.
  7. The resident shall be required to report/notify the City of the sale or purchase of a vehicle registered for the RPP prior to parking the vehicle within the zone.  Failure to properly report may result in a citation. 
  8. Parking permits at a discounted rate are eligible for low-income residents. Residents who qualify for other low-income programs--TANF, WIC, LIHEAP, SSI, SNAP, etc. are eligible for consideration of discounted rate permits.  Other program participation or conditions may be considered when determining eligibility for discounted rate permits.  For qualifying households, the permit for the first vehicle only will be at no cost.  For each registered vehicle thereafter, the annual permit cost will follow the basic rate structure.

Permit Fees per Residence

Residential permits for the first two vehicles are $60 each per vehicle per year. For each additional permit after the second, the price increases by $60.  There is no limit on permits issued per residence, one (1) permit per vehicle.


    Vehicle        Permit Cost Per Vehicle
First                      $60 
   Second                       $60
Third                      $120 
Fourth                      $180 


Residential Parking Program Guest Passes

Guest passes for visitors are valid for one 24-hour period. Passes may be in various forms including as prescribed by the City of Tacoma, but not limited to, hang tags, stickers or license plates. Ten individual guest passes are issued with each annual permit. Additional guest passes may be purchased for $1.00 for each pass (minimum of ten purchased at a time).


For direct RPP account support, please email rpp@reefparking.com or call customer service at (253) 627-4401.