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Alarm System Operators

An Alarm System Operator license is required for any person to operate or provide an alarm monitoring service within the jurisdictional limits of Tacoma. This includes any person who monitors alarm devices installed in the jurisdictional limits of Tacoma, even if such monitoring is conducted from a location outside the city limits.


Once an Application for City of Tacoma Business License and Supplemental Application has been submitted, please email a Device List (in an Excel format) that includes the name and address of each subscriber in Tacoma, the date the monitoring service began at the address and the name of the monitoring company if different than the Alarm System Operator.


Monitored Alarm Devices

A Monitored Alarm Device license is required to be paid by an Alarm System Operator for every monitored alarm system in the City or to monitor such an alarm system, directly or indirectly, via telephone, cable wire, wireless, video, electric, or other form of connection to or by any outside entity or source.  The city will assess a license fee based on the number of subscribers provided in the Device List. 


False Alarm Response Fee

Alarm system operators will be assessed a false alarm response fee for every police response to a monitored alarm which is registered to the alarm system operator that is determined to be a false alarm.  No fee shall be assessed if the responding units are canceled prior to arrival at the scene.