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Transportation Master Plan

City of Tacoma Transportation Master Plan logoThe Tacoma Transportation Commission and City of Tacoma staff has developed the City's first Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The Plan was adopted in November 2015 and will help the City and community examine its transportation systems, how well they are functioning and what needs, including funding, will be necessary over the next 20 years and beyond.


One of the key mandates of this plan is accommodating expected future growth in Tacoma. Between now and 2040, Tacoma is expected to gain 127,000 residents and 97,000 jobs according to the Puget Sound Regional Council.


To set the tone for the Transportation Master Plan, the Transportation Commission established the following future vision for Tacoma, which guides all aspects of the Plan.


Vision Statement

Tacoma is a sustainable community with many drivers, residents, businesses and visitors who have various transportation priorities. The City is strategic in how it plans its transportation system with an emphasis on carrying the people and goods that foster Tacoma's culture, character, and competitiveness. The transportation system offers multimodal travel options that provide safe access for all users and neighborhoods that encourage healthy living and protect the environment. 


2018 Amendments to the Transportation Master Plan (adopted June 26, 2018 Ordinance 24686)


Modal Maps

Pedestrian Map
Bike Map
Transit Maps
Freight Map
Auto Map

Transportation Commission Meetings

Transportation Commission
Third Wednesday of each month
5:30 PM
747 Market Street, Room 243 (2nd floor)
Tacoma, WA 98402


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