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Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan Update Underway!

Tacoma is planning for transportation needs for the next 20 years. As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update, the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will be updated to determine our city’s current and future transportation needs, while strategically guiding investment to develop a safe, accessible, and multimodal transportation system.

The current Transportation Master Plan was adopted in November 2015 and amended in June 2018 (Ordinance 24686). As part of the Growth Management Act, counties, cities, and towns must update their Comprehensive Plan every ten years. In Tacoma, the TMP is the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan.


One of the key mandates of the update is accommodating expected future growth in Tacoma including growth expected under Home in Tacoma. Between now and 2050, Tacoma is expected to gain 137,000 residents and 94,000 jobs according to the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). Other areas of focus for the update are to:

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  • Strengthen goals, policies, and project prioritization to ensure that safety, equity, sustainability, and public health are prioritized
  • Develop multimodal level of service standards
  • Collaborate with Pierce Transit and Sound Transit to identify the transit priority corridors and plan for the needed access improvements and land use to support transit
  • Update the five modal elements and create two new functional elements related to curb management and public streets/people spaces

Past Public Meetings

  • February 14, 2024: IPS Council Sub-Committee with Comprehensive Plan project team (Scope of work)
  • December 20, 2023: Planning Commission with Comprehensive Plan project team (Scope of work)

2015 TMP Vision Statement

Tacoma is a sustainable community with many drivers, residents, businesses, and visitors who have various transportation priorities. The City is strategic in how it plans its transportation system with an emphasis on carrying the people and goods that foster Tacoma's culture, character, and competitiveness. The transportation system offers multimodal travel options that provide safe access for all users and neighborhoods that encourage healthy living and protect the environment.


2015 Transportation Master Plan Document 


2015 TMP Modal Maps 

2018 Amendments to the Transportation Master Plan (adopted June 26, 2018 Ordinance 24686)

Transportation Commission Meetings 

The Transportation Commission is the oversight body for the TMP and, as such, will be providing guidance and feedback throughout the update process. The Transportation Commission meets the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM. The meetings are hybrid (Zoom and Room 243), and public comment is taken at the beginning and end of the meeting. Email written comments to cwilhelme@cityoftacoma.org and include "Transp Commission Meeting Comment" in the subject line.


Sign-up to receive project emails throughout the Comprehensive Plan and TMP update process. For questions about the Transportation Master Plan update, please contact Carrie Wilhelme, Principal Transportation Planner, at cwilhelme@cityoftacoma.org.