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Noise Ordinance

The City of Tacoma enforces a noise ordinance (TMC 8.122) that sets community standards for sound levels so that all people can enjoy our neighborhoods. Excessive noise interrupts residents from enjoying Tacoma's natural environment.


Noises that last longer than one minute, are distinctly louder than other noises in the area and are re-occurring are likely noise violations. Common noise violations include:

  • Construction between the hours of 9 PM-7 AM
  • Music heard from more than 100 feet away (example: loud speakers)
  • Noise from gym classes or from other commercial activity between the hours of  9 PM-7 AM
  • Commercial equipment that exceeds allowable ambient levels (example: loud HVAC)

Noise violations may be reported anonymously to the City.  All reported concerns are investigated by City staff who determines whether or not a violation is present. If a violation is present, City staff work with the responsible parties to resolve the issue.


Responsible parties of noise violations may include a business owner, property owner, or individual responsible for the noise. If the responsible parties do not resolve the issue, the City may issue civil penalties or pursue other enforcement action in order to gain compliance. 

To report a noise violation:

Call 3-1-1 or (253) 591-5000

Report online


For response to one-time noises or general neighborhood disturbances:

Call Tacoma Police Non-Emergency at (253) 287-4455


For other code compliance inquiries, contact the Code Compliance Supervisor:

DeJa Irving

(253) 573-2596