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Micromobility in Tacoma

Razor will be ending their shared micromobility program in Tacoma by the end of September 2023, including both shared scooters and bikes. This is not a Tacoma-specific decision, Razor is leaving the shared micromobility market. Razor’s e-bikes have been removed, and e-scooters will be removed by the end of the month.


Since program launch, over 233,081 trips were taken, totaling over 338,205 miles on Razor’s shared scooters and bikes.


Any future micromobility vendors would be selected through a competitive RFP process. Public Works does not plan on selecting another micromobility vendor during the 2023-2024 biennium.


Program Details

Until the scooters are removed towards the end of September, they are still available to ride:


Where to Ride

Check out www.cityoftacoma.org/mobility for a map of bicycle facilities in Tacoma.


 In the City of Tacoma, electric motorized foot scooters can be ridden:

  • On sidewalks and paved trails; please yield to pedestrians.
  • Within bicycle facilities, including bike lanes and cycle tracks.
  • On roads with a speed limit of less than or equal to 25 MPH.
  • Within parks on roads, sidewalks, paths, or trails, unless prohibited.
photo of man on scooter

You may not ride on roads with a speed limit of greater than 25 MPH, unless you’re within a designated bike facility or on a sidewalk.


For more details where you can ride using different active transportation options, visit the City’s Bicycles and Scooters: Rules of the Road web page.

Access Program: The City of Tacoma requires equity and access programs as part of its micromobility program. For Razor Share, these include:

  • Affordability Program: Razor offers half-price rides for community members who participate in or qualify for any local, state, or federally-administered assistance program. To register, create an account via the Razor Share app and visit: https://razor.com/share/affordability-program/.
  • Cash & Text to Ride Options: Razor offers options for individuals to pay for scooters using cash and for community members without smart phones to access the scooters using a “text to ride” option. To learn more, call 833-LAST-MILE or email sharesupport@razorusa.com.
  • Multilingual Outreach: Rider information is available in Tacoma’s most popular languages - English, Khmer, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Scooter Slow Speed Zones: Razor’s scooters have a top speed of 15 MPH. The City has worked with Razor to implement automatic slow speed zones in areas with high pedestrian activity and limited separated bicycle infrastructure – including parts of downtown and along Ruston Way. In these areas, an automatic, GPS-based speed governor limits speeds to 8 MPH. A map of these areas can be seen within the Razor Share app.

Scooter Parking: Please park your scooter upright and don't block the sidewalk. Leave at least five feet of space clear for pedestrian travel and seven feet along arterials, in mixed use centers, and downtown. Also – make sure you don’t block access to transit, ADA parking, curb ramps, pedestrian push buttons, loading zones, street or park furniture, building entryways, or driveways.


Required Parking Pilot on Ruston Way: The City of Tacoma has developed a scooter parking pilot to help scooter riders identify required parking areas along Ruston Way. Please park in these spaces to help maintain access for pedestrians and people with disabilities and to support park maintenance activities. Look for the green and white “P” in the Razor Share App. The Razor Share app will not allow you to end your trip along the Ruston Way waterfront unless you are parked within one of these designated spaces.


Required Parking Pilot at Point Defiance Park: The City and Metro Parks Tacoma are also piloting required parking spaces at Point Defiance Park. These spaces are at the Wilson Way Bridge (Point Defiance Park side), Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium main entrance, and at the Vashon ferry dock next to the Pierce Transit bus shelter. The Razor Share app will not allow you to end your trip within Point Defiance Park unless you are parked within one of these designated spaces.


Electric Bikeshare Pilot Program - HistoryBright blue e-bikes parked in the South Tacoma Business District

On May 31, 2023, Razor launched an electric bikeshare (e-bike) pilot program. The program was ended in September 2023, as part of Razor's decision to leave the shared micromobility market.


The bikes had an e-assist top speed of approximately 15 MPH. They had an adjustable seat height, lights, a large front basket, front and rear fenders, double kickstand, and multiple locking mechanisms.


Bikes were allowed be parked at any public bike rack, using the bike's integrated lock.


The e-bikes were not allowed along the Ruston Waterfront during the initial roll-out.


Contact Information

For questions, comments, or concerns about Razor Share including:

  • Improperly parked or tipped over scooters
  • Issues regarding scooter placement/deployment or to request placement/deployment
  • Requests for low-speed, no-parking, or no-ride zone on private property

Email: sharesupport@razorusa.com
Phone: 833-LAST-MILE
Chat: Razor Share also offers in-app chat


To share feedback about the City of Tacoma’s micromobility program – including rules of the road, requirements for micromobility vendors, or program implementation, email micromobility@cityoftacoma.org.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is shared micromobility?
Shared-use fleets of small, low-speed vehicles such as bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters that may be electric and/or fully or partially human powered.


Should I wear a helmet when I ride?
Yes, and Razor offers free helmets to its registered riders. To request one, call 833-LAST-MILE. Tacoma does not have a helmet law, so you can’t get a ticket for riding without a helmet, but the City of Tacoma strongly encourages all people using human-powered and/or motorized bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, and similar modes to wear a helmet.

Can my child or teenager ride Razor Share?
Users must be 18+ to ride Razor Share.

How did Tacoma select a micromobility vendor?
The City of Tacoma went through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Staff worked closely with community partners to develop a structure for the new micromobility program based on lessons learned from Tacoma’s micromobility pilot. Razor was selected through this competitive process as Tacoma's sole micromobility vendor.


I have concerns about someone riding a scooter in way that could cause harm to people or property. Who should I contact?
Razor has a range of options to help ensure that their users make good choices while riding – including warnings, fines, suspensions, and bans.

If you see a concerning incident, you can contact Razor at 833-LAST-MILE or sharesupport@razorusa.com with a detailed explanation of what you saw – which may include the date, time, location, scooter ID number (if seen), traveling path, severity and any photographic evidence of the incident, if applicable.

If someone has been injured and needs medical assistance or you see a crime in progress, call 911.

If you’ve witnessed property damage, you can call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at (253) 287-4455 or report the crime online at tacomasafe.org.

Why doesn’t Tacoma have bikeshare?
The City did not receive any responses to its Request for Proposals that included free-floating bike share. Razor will be piloting e-bike share in Spring 2023. 

What’s the history of micromobility in Tacoma?
In fall 2018, the City granted right-of-way use permits to two companies, Bird and Lime. These permits were granted with the goal of evaluating use and impacts of a new transportation option for people traveling around Tacoma.

Lime began by deploying 250 scooters and 100 bikes in Tacoma on Friday, September 21, 2018 for a 60-day initial permit. Lime was granted an extension through January 20, 2019 and allowed to operate up to 500 scooters and 250 bikes in Tacoma. Lime elected to remove electric bikes from their Tacoma fleet in early February 2019. Lime was granted two additional permit extensions for 500 scooters, first through September 30, 2019 and a second extension through May 31, 2020.


Bird began by deploying 250 scooters in Tacoma on October 12, 2018 for an initial 60-day permit. Bird was granted an extension through February 11, 2019 and allowed to operate up to 500 scooters in Tacoma. Bird did not pursue a permit extension.

During the pilot, over 86,000 unique users took over 346,000 trips, traveling over 430,000 miles. Lessons learned from the pilot were used to craft the development of the City’s new micromobility program.