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Signal and Streetlights

LED Streetlight Project 

LED streetlight web page has been set up for the conversion of the overhead streetlights to LED. Learn more about the initiative to replace approximately 75% of Tacoma’s aging streetlights with new, energy efficient LED fixtures.


Known Streetlight Issues

View a map showing all known streetlight issues: Streetlight Map


Streetlight/Traffic Signal Program

Image of pedestrian crossing and sign The Streetlight/Traffic Signal Program is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of Tacoma’s:
  • 338 traffic signals
  • 23,000 streetlights
  • 170 pedestrian flashing safety beacons and numerous mid-block pedestrian crossing warnings
  • Numerous flashing four-way traffic and other mechanical traffic warnings

Traffic Signal and Street Light Shop Location

The signal and streetlight shop and warehouse is located at 3401A South Orchard Street.

Responsibilities of the Traffic Signal and Streetlight Shop

Traffic Signal and Streetlight Crews perform the following routine bodies of work:

  • Relamp Signal Heads - Proactive - On a set cycle
  • Relamp Streetlights - Reactive - Resident Request
  • Repair Damaged Streetlights - Reactive - As needed/Resident Request
  • Troubleshoot Signals - Reactive - As needed
  • Overhead/Aerial Inspections - Proactive - On a set cycle
  • Verify all operations of signals - Proactive - On a set cycle
  • Bridge Lighting - Reactive - As needed
  • Maintain Public Clocks in the Right of Way
  • Install and Maintain Banners
  • Locate Underground Utilities - Through Call Before you Dig One Call
  • Inspection for Private Development and Capital Projects with Signals and Streetlights