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SRTS Engineering efforts include construction improvements, school zones and crosswalk striping, and school zone beacons. 

School Zones and Flashing Beacons

A School Zone is determined by several factors, including a legal maximum distance from the designated school crossing or the school property line. The maximum distance a school zone may be is determined by Washington State law (RCW 46.61.440).  


The City of Tacoma operates school zone flashing beacons at various public and private schools to indicate to drivers that the 20 MPH school zone speed limit is in effect. School zone beacons are installed on arterial roads only and operate during pre-determined arrival and dismissal times. Some flashing beacon locations are associated with automated traffic enforcement cameras, sometimes referred to as school zone speed cameras. These cameras are active when the school zone flashing beacons are active. 


City of Tacoma established a new school zone beacon policy in 2022 that extends the school zone flashing beacon times to 40 minutes each morning and afternoon when schools are in session. Learn more about these schedules and factors in the School Zone Flashing Beacons policy


School Infrastructure Updates

 The City of Tacoma uses the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Action Plan’s school prioritization analysis to make physical improvements in order of priority and based on available funding. We are happy to announce the following schools have received funding through the Safe Routes to School Program.



Project Description

Estimated Start

Estimated Completion

Funding Source

Whitman Elementary School

Add bulbouts and pedestrian flashing beacons (RRFBs) at S. 40th and M St. Install raised crosswalks at the schools crossings on S. 39th St and S. 40th St.

Summer 2023


City Council

Edison Elementary School

Improve school crossings and infill sidewalk along S. 60th St. Add bulbouts and pedestrian flashing beacons (RRFBs) at S. 60th St and Oakes. Install speed hump on S. Pine St.

Summer 2023


City Council

Lincoln High School

Add raised crossing on S. 37th St. and traffic circle on S Tacoma Ave. 

Summer 2023


City Council

Manitou Elementary School

Install raised crosswalk and pedestrian flashing beacons at school crossing on S. 66th St. Add protected bike lane from Tyler St. to Cheyenne St.

Summer 2023



Birney Elementary School Add bulbouts and pedestrian flashing beacons (RRFBs) at S Yakima Ave  and S 76th St. 
Summer 2024   City Council

Roosevelt Elementary School

Construct missing link sidewalk along school walking route on E. Roosevelt Ave.

Summer 2024


City Council