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Green Events and Waste Management

Does the City provide Sani-cans or Porta Potties?  
No, the City does not provide portable restrooms--as an event coordinator it is your responsibility to arrange for portable restrooms for your event. 

Am I required to provide Sani-cans or Porta Potties? 
Depending on the size of your event or the number of expected attendees, you may be required to provide portable restrooms. Use this helpful chart to determine the need at your event.

Where can I get Sani-cans or Porta Potties? 
The City does refer directly to individual companies, but we suggest you Google Porta Potties, Portable Restrooms, Sani-Cans, in Tacoma to find out what your options are. 

Does the City provide trash and recycling containers?
Yes, the City does provide trash and recycling containers for a delivery and dumping fee. Visit the Solid Waste Rates page for fees and schedules. 

For more information about the environment and your event go to the Green Event & Environmental Services Event Support web page.

What programs are there to help me hold a sustainable event with minimal environmental impact?
The City's Green Event web page can help you decided if the Green Event Program is right for your event, or if your event is required to participate. The program provides tips on how to reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts. Review the web page and contact the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability for more information.

You may also find useful information in the Washington State Department of Ecology Recycling Brochure.

ContactsSpecial Events Office
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Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability
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Solid Waste Management
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