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Existing Businesses

Print your Business License Certificate 

You can print your business license certificate online even if you renewed your license by mail.  


Business License Renewal

General business license renewal notices are sent in early to mid-December of each year.  Go online to renew now.  You may also send your payment to Tax & License, PO Box 11640 Tacoma, WA 98411. The license fee must be paid or postmarked with a USPS stamp by January 31st to avoid a late filing penalty.


Update Business Information

Update account information such as address, contact information, phone numbers.  Name changes can also be submitted but if the legal entity changed, a new application may need to be submitted. 


Close my Business

If your business is no longer operating in Tacoma you may submit a request to close your account.  All tax and license fees are due before your account will be closed in good standing.


Due Dates

The due date for all general and regulatory license renewals is printed on the document itself.  If the due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the due date is extended to the next business day. 


Late Filers 

Tax & License can waive late filing penalties under certain circumstances. If your payment is late and you feel you have a qualifying situation, you may request to have the penalty waived.