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Chief's Welcome

Welcome from Tacoma Chief of Police, Avery L. Moore 

Chief Moore

First, I am excited and honored to be a member of this fine department and I am extremely proud to lead a law enforcement agency comprised of such professional employees who are truly dedicated to serving our community. In partnership with community members we are all “one team” so it will take unity and working together to affect crime and improve quality of life issues in Tacoma. I am very optimistic about our future.

It is my belief that policing is a collaborative effort among our department and all members of our community. Every employee has a voice, as do community members, in shaping this department. I believe it is the people in our organization and the people in our community who make a difference. With input, new ideas and communication, together, we will make a difference as a community.

To me, leadership is not about authority or position, but rather the ability to influence human behavior. I believe every major issue facing policing today can be traced back to a leadership issue. Our country is in desperate need of the type of leadership that will take policing through the 21st Century and beyond. This challenge also presents great opportunity. Together, we will do the tough transformative work required to live up to the promise of the nobility of policing.

So, whether you are a resident, interested in working here, or just visiting our fine city, I welcome you to the Tacoma Police Department and wish you well on behalf of the members of our great department. Our mission statement, listed below, clearly shows our focus and priorities.

Avery L. Moore
Chief of Police


To create a safe and secure environment in which to live, work, and visit by working together with the community, enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner, preserving the peace and order in our neighborhoods, and safeguarding our Constitutional guarantees.