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Sector 4

Community Policing Division- Sector 4

From Lt. Shawn Malott: "Thank you for your interest in Community Policing. As Sector Commander of the south end of Tacoma, I am excited to engage with you and take part in solving problems efforts.  We work closely with other city departments, such as Code Enforcement, Public Works, and Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) to address issues and concerns. I agree with Chief Moore in that crime is a societal problem and not exclusively a police problem. We are only part of the solution, and this is where you come in! 


We cannot do our jobs effectively without your support and engagement with us. We want to learn from you and also communicate who we are and what we can do. Please take advantage of the numerous Business District, Neighborhood and Community Group meetings in the south end. We regularly attend these meetings with representatives from other city departments in order to get an understanding of the problems we are facing and create solutions."  


Sector 4 is part of the Tacoma Police Department's South Sector (along with Sector 3) and is under the command of Lt. Shawn Malott. The Sector 4 substation is located at 400 East 56th Street at the entrance to Stewart Heights Park and is aided by three Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) and a dedicated group of citizen volunteers.  Numerous citizen and community groups also utilize the public meeting room that is scheduled through our volunteers.  The geographic area of service is I-5 to the north, the Pierce County boundary to the east, South Sheridan and South 84th-Hosmer Street to the west, and South 96th Street to the south (see the Community Policing Division main page for a map).  CLOs are assigned to separate districts within the sector and work collaboratively with officers from other sectors and many other law enforcement agencies.

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Working To Create a Safer Community

Sector personnel including Patrol and specialty units take pride in serving a population of nearly 60,000 citizens in one of the most diverse areas of the city.  The South Sector Lieutenant and CLOs attend numerous community and block group meetings as well as Neighborhood Council meetings in order to hear from residents and to partner with addressing a myriad of issues and concerns.  Sector personnel focus on a wide variety of crime reduction strategies simultaneously utilizing short term responses while applying long term strategies with the goal of reducing calls for service and reported crime and addressing quality of life issues.  CLOs are knowledgeable and have experience in employing various crime prevention strategies that include Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), providing neighborhood safety information, and informing citizens of recent crime trends and patterns.  The Lincoln District Alcohol Impact Area (AIA) has proven to be an effective strategy in addressing public consumption of specific banned products and related nuisance and criminal activity.


Along with partnering with citizens, sector personnel work closely with other city departments and many outside organizations both public and private.  Within Sector 4, there are many parks, neighborhoods, schools, religious organizations and business districts each contributing to the unique feel and appearance of Tacoma's east side.  The Lincoln Business District Revitalization project is one example of a private and public partnership transforming a vibrant and culturally diverse area of town.


Community and Special Events

Sector personnel participate in numerous community events throughout the year and focus on youth engagement. Some of the events include various ethnic festivals and New Year celebrations, street fairs, Metro Parks activities, school assemblies, and neighborhood events such as National Night Out. The substation also hosts city-wide community events as well as visits by school children and civic groups.


Report an Issue Within Sector 4

For crimes in progress, call 911.

If your issue is not a crime in progress; for vehicle prowls, vandalism, theft or lost property, you may either file an online report or call the non-emergency number at (253) 287-4455.

For nuisance-type issues, contact TacomaFIRST 311 online or call 311 within the city limits of Tacoma or (253) 591-5000 from anywhere.

To add or change information already reported, update an active case, or report a stolen vehicle recovered, please call the non-emergency number at (253) 287-4455.



Sector 4 Sub Station Office

Sector 4 Substation

400 East 56th Street
Tacoma, WA 98404

Business Phone: (253) 594-7947


Monday through Friday

9 AM to 5 PM

Lt. Shawn Malott


Sector Commander

Lieutenant Shawn Malott

Community Liaison Officers


Officer Steve Butts
(253) 594-7851



Officer Mohamud Ali
(253) 594-7877



For community concerns, visit Tacoma FIRST 311.