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Inside Tacoma

Our City, Our Community, Your Voice



Join Mayor Victoria Woodards and City Manager Elizabeth Pauli for the reimagined TV Tacoma program, Inside Tacoma.


Each month, the Mayor and the Manager co-host informal conversations with elected officials, community leaders, and key City staff. The show highlights how our elected leaders and City administration work together to meet community needs and drive success in the City of Tacoma.


A New Show will Air on Friday, August 26, 2022, at 7 PM

The show will start with Inside Insights, a segment that highlights renaming streets and facilities in Tacoma. In the second segment, Inside Interview, our co-hosts will talk with staff from Public Works about Vision Zero and the Speed Limit Reduction plan. The show will close out with the Inside Inquiry: Ask the Mayor and the Manager segment featuring questions asked by the community.


Inside Inquiry: Ask the Mayor and the Manager

Have a question for the Mayor or the City Manager?

The City receives many questions through community forums, virtual forums, and constituent letters. One way to respond to these questions is through this segment, Inside Inquiry: Ask the Mayor and the Manager.

In addition, towards the end of each month, a call will go out through the City’s Facebook and Twitter to send in questions you have about the City of Tacoma. Be sure to follow the City on these platforms to stay up to date. 

Each month, questions that come in through these different channels may be selected to be answered on the show.

Inside Tacoma Archives

After the premiere, the show will replay as follows:


1 AM, 4:30 PM

9:30 AM

5 AM, 5 PM, 10 PM

8 AM, 8 PM

2 AM, 7 PM

11 AM