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2023 Amendment

Section A. Latest News (as of August 2023):

The 2023 Amendment process has been completed, with the City Council's adoption of six legislations on August 15, 2023. See Section B. below.


Section B. City Council Reviews and Adoption

The City Council adopted the 2023 Amendment Package on August 15, 2023, based primarily on the Planning Commission's recommendations, through the adoption of the following legislations:

  • Amended Ordinance No. 28901 - amending the Future Land Use Map for the Mor Furniture site, located at 1824 South 49th Street, to change from a Low-Scale Residential land use designation to a General Commercial land use designation, and amending the Parks and Recreation Facilities Map to remove the subject site.
  • Substitute Ordinance No. 28902 - amending Chapter 13.06 of the Municipal Code, relating to Zoning, to expand the allowed use of electric fences in association with outdoor storage in various zoning districts, with associated development standards.
  • Ordinance No. 28903 - amending Chapter 13.06 of the Municipal Code, relating to Zoning, to support the expanded use of shipping containers for temporary and accessory uses, as recommended by the Planning Commission.
  • Ordinance No. 28904 - amending Chapters 13.01 and 13.06 of the Municipal Code, relating to Definitions and Zoning, to clarify delivery-only retail business use and standards, as recommended by the Planning Commission.
  • Ordinance No. 28905 - amending Chapter 13.06 of the Municipal Code, relating to Zoning, by amending various sections to clarify commercial zoning design and development standards that would apply to projects seeking to utilize the Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program in neighborhood commercial areas, as recommended by the Planning Commission.
  • Ordinance No. 28906 - amending various chapters in Title 1, relating to Administration and Personnel, and Title 13, relating to the Land Use Regulatory Code of the Municipal Code, to adopt minor code amendments, as recommended by the Planning Commission.

The City Council's reviews and deliberations of the 2023 Amendment, leading up to the adoption of these legislations, included a public hearing on June 27; study sessions on June 27, July 11, and August 8; regular meetings on August 8 and 15; as well as the Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Committee's reviews on January 25 and March 8, 2023. To review the agendas for these Council meetings, please visit Council Calendar.


Section C. Planning Commission Post-Hearing Reviews

Posted below are documents and materials review by the Planning Commission after the April 5, 2023, public hearing and up to the decision-making (recommendations) on May 17, 2023.

Section D. Planning Commission Public Hearing

Posted below are materials reviewed by the Planning Commission at the public hearing on April 5, 2023, and the recording of the informational meeting conducted by staff on March 29, 2023, for interested parties to learn more about the hearing subject and be better prepared to provide comments.

Posted below is the Public Review Document (the full document as well as individual sections) prepared for the Commission's public hearing. Compiled in the document are the proposed amendments, staff analyses, and relevant background information associated with the applications:

Section E. Planning Commission Reviews

Application: "Mor Furniture"

Description: This is a private application by Mor Furniture requesting for a land use designation change at 1824 S. 49th St. from “Low-Scale Residential” to “General Commercial”, with a subsequent site rezone from R2-STGPD to C2-STGPD. 

Application: "Shipping Containers"

Description: This application is a request by the City Council to evaluate code changes which would facilitate the use of shipping containers for storage and occupancy of other commercial uses in non-residential districts. 

Application: "Electric Fences"

Description: This application is a request by the City Council to evaluate code changes which would facilitate construction of electric fences in districts other than Industrial Districts. 

Application: "Commercial Zoning Code Update"

Description: The application proposes to update the City’s commercial zoning code classifications (C-1, C-2, T, PDB) to better conform with goals and policies contained within the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan. 

Application: "Delivery-Only Businesses"

Description: In response to the increasing interest from the community in establishing and operating delivery-only businesses of food and other consumables, this proposal would amend the TMC Title 13 to provide appropriate definitions and development/performance standards specific to delivery-only businesses. 

Application: "Minor Amendments"

Description: This application compiles a number of non-policy, technical amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Use Regulatory Code, intended to keep information current, address inconsistencies, correct minor errors, increase clarity, and improve provisions that, through implementation of the Plan and administration of the Code, are found to be unclear or not fully meeting their intent. 

Section F. Background

This website is for the project of 2023 Annual Amendment to the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and/or the Land Use Regulatory Code ("2023 Amendment"). The amendment cycle runs from January 2022 through June 2023.


The One Tacoma Plan is the blueprint for achieving the community's vision for future growth and the Land Use Regulatory Code (Title 13 of the Tacoma Municipal Code) is a key tool to implementing the goals and policies of the Plan. These documents are reviewed and amended, generally, on an annual basis in accordance with the State Growth Management Act in order to maintain their effectiveness.


Applications for the 2023 Amendment was accepted during January 1 through April 1, 2022.  The application form used at the time is posted below, for documentation purposes:

Section G. Staff Contacts

Stephen Atkinson, Principal Planner, satkinson@cityoftacoma.org 

Adam Nolan, Associate Planner, anolan@cityoftacoma.org