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Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Office (EEO) is responsible for the development, administration, and oversight of the City's EEO and recruitment plan. Duties of the EEO include defining underutilization, determining goals and objectives, investigating complaint resolution, compliance review, operation of a variety of statistical and analytical or narrative reports, training policy implementation and community relations.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

This policy statement outlines the responsibilities of the EEO Office and the role of the EEO Officer.


Equal Employment Opportunity and Recruitment Plan

The Equal Employment Opportunity and Recruitment Plan declares the City of Tacoma's commitment to diversity and to the goal of creating and maintaining a work environment free of all forms of discrimination and bias. It also outlines several steps and measures to ensuring that the City is meeting its goals in this area.

Contact Information

EEO Officer
City of Tacoma
747 Market Street
Room 1044
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 591-5420