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Encampment Response Map

Encampment Response Map

Detailed information about the City's response to reported encampments can be found using this Encampment Response Map. This map demonstrates the actions taken by the City of Tacoma to address encampments on properties throughout the city, resident concerns reported though 3-1-1, code compliance results of private property inspections, encampment cleanups performed by the City, and site reclamation interventions.  

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Please note: Sometimes, an inspection will confirm that an incoming "encampment" concern reported to 3-1-1 is actually a Nuisance Code violation (TMC 8.30), which initiates a "Nuisance Code" violation case.  In these situations, the Encampment Response Map will include information about the code violation case instead of details about an encampment cleanup effort.


If you would like to report new concern, please use the TacomaFIRST 311 online system or call 3-1-1 within city limits or (253) 591-5000 outside the city. 



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Encampment Response Map Fields Update Frequency Time Frame
311 requests for service to encampments Every weekday Since January 1, 2018
Code compliance results of private property encampment inspections As updates occur Since August 1, 2017
Encampment cleanups performed by the City As updates occur Since June 1, 2017
Site reclamation interventions As updates occur Since January 1, 2017