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Chronic Nuisance Code

Chronic Nuisance Code

In response to community feedback, the City of Tacoma updated the Chronic Nuisance Code, Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 8.30A and Business License Code TMC 6B.10 in 2018 after receiving feedback about problem businesses and properties that negativity affect our communities. 


What is the Chronic Nuisance Code?

The Chronic Nuisance Code is intended to fix problems at business and residential properties that have a negative impact on the quality of life, safety, and health of surrounding neighborhoods due to chronic nuisance activities.


Chronic Nuisance Activity 

Chronic nuisance activities can be behaviors occurring on a property such as illegal drug activity, alcohol violations, prostitution or noise code violations.


The list of violations that meet the definition of a chronic nuisance activity can be found in Tacoma Municipal Code 8.30A.20.


A violation on a neighboring property can be counted against the problem property if it is a result of the activity occurring on the problem property.


Chronic Nuisance Property

A property can be a “Chronic Nuisance Property” when a number of chronic nuisance activities occur on or near a property within a certain period of time. 

  • Three chronic nuisance activities in 60 days;
  • Four in six months;
  • Six in 12 months; or
  • Two search warrants for drug activity in 12 months.
How are Problems Fixed?

A “Correction Agreement” is drafted by City staff and the property owner required to complete the agreement. If the owner does not agree and fix the problems, then they may be subject to:

  • Permanent cancellation of business license
  • Criminal charges that include a fine of up to $5000 or up to one year in jail


Enforcement Options thru the Business License Code Include Options to:
  • Revoke a business license if the business is subject to a Chronic Nuisance action
  • Prohibit a business from reapplying within 12 months after being denied or revoked a license
  • Require a conditional business license as needed 

Businesses that have a license denied or revoked three times, are not allowed to apply again.