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LEOFF 1 Police & Fire Pension

The City of Tacoma Police and Fire Pension and Disability Boards act as the local administrative bodies for the administration of RCW 41.26 for LEOFF 1 and for the prior pension acts.  The Boards consider applications for benefits under RCW 41.26 in accordance with that statute and the Washington Administrative Code.

Contact Information

Mailing Address
Police and Fire LEOFF 1 Pension Office
P.O. Box 11001
Tacoma, WA  98411

Office Address
City Retirement Office
Tacoma Public Utility Bldg
Ground Floor
3628 S 35th Street
Tacoma, WA

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday, except observed holidays
Cheri Campbell
LEOFF 1 Pension Specialist
Phone: (253) 502-8700
Fax: (253) 502-8660