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Lincoln Neighborhood Revitalization Project

Lincoln District Revitalization Project Open House - March 29, 2017

The City of Tacoma invites you to hear the latest news about the Lincoln District Revitalization Project at a free open house on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, from 4-6 PM in the Lincoln High School Cafeteria (701 South 37th Street, Tacoma, WA 98418).


Come to the event to:

  • Hear what has been accomplished so far
  • See the latest streetscape design
  • Provide feedback on welcome sign designs
  • Learn about other fantastic things are happening in your neighborhood!

You can also visit the Lincoln District Revitalization Project Open House Facebook Event page to learn more, to RSVP, and invite your friends and family. 


  Save the date image for March 29, 2017 event


About the Project

In 2014, the City Council set a strategic objective to focus on development of the South Tacoma and Lincoln District Neighborhoods, both of which are designated as mixed use centers. Funding for a streetscape project was approved by the City Council as part of the 2015-2016 biennial budget process.


Key project features will include neighborhood entryway, roadway, sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. These upgrades will happen along the stretch of South 38th Street, from Tacoma Avenue South to Thompson Street, which serves as the primary corridor of the Lincoln Business District and Mixed Use Center. Preliminary plans for the project include features to enhance pedestrian access, traffic calming measures and landscaping elements. There will also be a public art component to provide distinctive gateway attractions on both sides of the improved streetscape.


"One of our goals as a city is to highlight neighborhood business districts and help them become destinations. The Lincoln International Business District has unique assets that are underutilized. This long-term effort will require a shared vision, input and assistance from residents, property owners and businesses."
Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland


Project Goals

  • Promote an economically thriving business district that provides access and support to businesses with sufficient and clearly defined parking and pedestrian amenities.
  • Provide an inviting and accessible destination area for eating, shopping and gathering.
  • Create a sense of place by celebrating the cultural diversity that is unique to the Lincoln International Business District.
Project Overview Map
Project Cross Section View
"The work in the Lincoln International Business District is exciting. We have an amazing mixture of historic buildings, cultural diversity and potential for improvement. In addition to investing in the business district, we are also looking at how we can support the surrounding neighborhoods. I’m looking forward to seeing the City invest in infrastructure and culturally-competent service delivery in this unique district."
Tacoma Council Member Marty Campbell



Public Safety

Continuation of Alcohol Impact Area (AIA)

  • Tacoma Police Department was recently authorized to extend the program beyond the initial five years granted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board
Partnership with Lincoln District Business Owners
  • Working directly with business and property owners to address any safety or community concerns, including education and assistance with crime prevention strategies, nuisance issues, and available City or community resources
Code Enforcement Support
  • Partnership with the City’s Code Compliance efforts to address nuisance issues, dangerous buildings, and neighborhood blight concerns
Crime Prevention Strategies
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) support for business and property owners in the Lincoln area to reduce crime and improve safety
Burglary Reduction Initiative to Reduce the Occurrence of Property Crime
  • High-visibility patrols
  • Implementation of Community Liaison Officer bike patrols in the area
  • Specialized traffic officers to address traffic concerns in the Lincoln Business District
Emergency Preparedness Education for Residents and Business Owners
  • Preparedness training for Lincoln-area community groups
  • Preparedness assistance for businesses - continuity of operations planning
Partner with Other Public Agencies and Community Organizations to Address Community and Quality-of-Life Concerns
  • Tacoma Police Department will continue to work collaboratively with partner organizations such as the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Pierce Transit, Tacoma Public Schools, Safe Streets, Community Corrections, Housing First, and others

Economic Development, Urban Design and Community Vitality

Foster Private Investment
  • Promoting development opportunities to local and regional investors
Highlight Historical and Cultural Connections
  • Targeting key locations like the Rex Theater building and coordinating improvement strategies
Enhance Neighborhood Transitions
  • Consistent outreach to neighbors, businesses, and property owners in support of innovative improvements
  • Sub-area planning focused on urban design and community development
Design Integrated Streetscape and Permanent Unique Artwork
  • Call to Artists for gateway pieces as part of the South 38th Streetscape project
Local Artist-Focused Opportunities
  • Local artists will engage with the community to influence and affect design of temporary and permanent art projects in the area
  • An artist will be hired to design a piece for wrapping six traffic signal boxes within the district

Housing and Property Conditions

Single Family Residence Rehabilitation Loan Program
  • Designed to assist low and moderate-income Tacoma homeowners in completing health and safety repairs to their homes
Paint Tacoma Beautiful
  • Provides free exterior beautification to income-qualified homeowners
Down Payment Assistance program
  • Designed to assist potential home buyers who meet certain income requirements with their mortgage down payments
Business Façade Improvement Loan Program
  • Provides gap financing to remove blight, beautify storefronts, and improve older neighborhood business districts

Code Compliance and Human/Social Services

Vacant Building Program
  • Inventory and record vacant commercial buildings
Top 10 Code Properties
  • Identify the top ten properties with Code violations and work with property owners to rehabilitate the buildings
Community Tool Center
  • Provide resources for neighborhood projects
Graffiti Prevention Solutions
  • Pilot innovative graffiti prevention solutions like “Grow” over graffiti
Youth Build Tacoma
  • Partnership with Tacoma Public Utilities to provide job training and work experience for youth
Mental health and chemical dependency services for youth

Senior Services
  • Developing services and programs tailored for elders
  • Increase awareness of the programs available at the Lighthouse Activity Center
Site Reclamation
  • Enhanced efforts for reclaiming and beautifying open spaces for use by the public


South 38th Streetscape Project
  • The roadway surface will be repaved, and sidewalks will be replaced. The intersections of South 38th Street and Yakima, Park, and G Streets will feature improved crosswalks and bulb-outs to help calm vehicle traffic.
  • The City’s Public Works department has applied for grant funding for additional phases of the project.
Utility Pole Upgrades
  • Tacoma Public Utilities will install new overhead electrical distribution infrastructure in the Lincoln Business District to be timed with the South 38th Streetscape project. The design of the new poles will better accommodate future mixed-use development.
Solid Waste Solutions
  • The Solid Waste Management Division of Environmental Services will be evaluating conditions related to waste and blight issues to identify opportunities for improved service delivery.
  • An alternative garbage collection model will be implemented in the Lincoln Business District to reduce container visibility in high traffic areas and solutions will be developed to combat litter.


Streetscape Project Funding


Source Amount
Bond Funding $2,579,000
Environmental Services $880,000
Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Funds $1,964,000
Streets Initiative Funding $85,000
 General Fund $100,000
Tacoma Water $228,000
Total Project Budget $5,836,000


Streetscape Project Schedule


Task Estimated Timeframe
Tacoma Power Pole

Replacement Project

September/October 2016
through February 2017
Environmental Services

Underground Utilities

March/April 2017
through November 2017
Streetscape Project Construction April 2017 through November 2017


Outreach and Public Involvement

The City opened the Lincoln District Project Office to facilitate community engagement throughout the course of the Lincoln District Revitalization Project. City staff working on infrastructure improvements, economic development and public art programs, neighborhood beautification and human services initiatives will use the project office to engage with the Lincoln community.


Regular office hours are 10 AM to 4 PM


Lincoln District Project Office

750 S. 38th St., Suite C



(253) 591-5174


Lincoln office interior

Public Open Houses

Two public open house meetings were held on June 25, 2015 at Jubilee Restaurant in the Lincoln International Business District.


The Lincoln Neighborhood Revitalization Project Open House was held on August 20, 2015 at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Auditorium. This event gave residents a chance to hear about neighborhood revitalization initiatives and give public comment on the streetscape design.View the presentation.


An open house was held at the Lincoln District Project Office on December 10, 2015. Attendees were able to view and comment on plans for the South 38th Streetscape Project, and staff presented the latest design for the project while requesting feedback from the community. An extensive public outreach process has been underway to ensure local business and property owners, as well as neighbors, have a voice in the design of this project. 


Council Study Session Updates

A project update to City Council was delivered on December 8, 2015.  This update gave City Council and the public an overview of the project and its entire scope. View the presentation.


Another project update to City Council was delivered on September 9, 2016. This update gave City Council and the public a status overview of the project, and focused particularly on community partners and the arts components of the project. View the presentation.

Information, Questions and Comments

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Project Documents

Project Overview Map

Revitalization Area Map

Cross Section View

Public Art Component