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Sewer Conservation Loan Program

Sewer back-ups or problems are often caused by blockages in your side sewer line.  The side sewer is the pipe that connects your home or business to the City of Tacoma's main lines in the streets. More information about sewer back-ups is available through the Environmental Services Department.  


Residential Sewer Conservation Loan

The first of its kind in Washington, the residential sewer conservation loan program covers up to 90 percent of side sewer repair or replacement costs. The loan features an interest rate at two percent below the prime rate (with a minimum of four percent) on loan amounts between $1,000 and $25,000. The loan is secured through a security interest (lien) on the project property. 

Program Eligibility

If your side sewer needs repair or replacement, you may be eligible for a low-interest sewer conservation loan.  To qualify for the loan, your home must be within the City of Tacoma city limits and be served by the Environmental Services Department. Check your utility bill if you are unsure whether your home meets this criteria. You must have good credit with Tacoma Public Utilities and FICO score.

Your side sewer repair or replacement must be for an existing residential structure. New construction or replacement projects already completed are not eligible. Applicants must apply for the loan before the side sewer replacement or repair is completed. Loan disbursement will not take place until project completion is verified by the Environmental Services Department.


To Apply

  1. Determine cost of project and loan amount 
  2. Download the Application (fillable Word Document or PDF) and Credit Release Form (PDF)
  3. Complete the application and Credit Release Form, making sure to fill in all the required information
  4. Send the completed application to:

Sewer Conservation Loan Program
c/o Environmental Services Dept.
2201 Portland Avenue, Building P-1
Tacoma, WA 98421

For more information about a residential sewer conservation loan, please see the fact sheet or contact Stephanie Seivert Wilson at (253) 502-2255.


Financial assistance may be available to replace your leaking water service line through the Tacoma Water Grant and Loan Program. Click here to learn more about this program.


Payment Questions?


If you are an existing loan customer looking to submit one of the following requests, please email the treasury department at loans@cityoftacoma.org:

  • Submit a pay-off request for sewer conservation loan
  • Request to increase monthly payment amounts
  • Request to reduce payments to monthly minimum