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GSI Projects

Asotin, 45th and Cushman Improvements

The Asotin, 45th and Cushman Road and Utility Improvement project is intended to reduce the quantity of stormwater entering Wapato Lake and the Flett Creek Watershed. The City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to replace Asotin Street from South 42nd Street to South 48th Street with green infrastructure.


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Cheney Sustainable Stormwater Project

Trying to make paradise out of a parking lot might seem like a stretch. From a stormwater perspective, the Cheney Stadium Sustainable Stormwater Project's porous asphalt and other green infrastructure are as close to forests and fields as an urban area can get.


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East 40th Street GSI and Utility Improvements

The City's Environmental Services, Public Works, and Tacoma Public Utilities have partnered to plan and implement an integrated approach to retrofit East 40th Street from McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue. The new permeable roadway will be designed with traffic safety improvements for reducing speeds and an enhanced pedestrian and bicycle experience on a new shared use path.


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Gravel Detention Facility & Public Trail

This site currently controls stormwater and protects Flett Creek. This summer the City of Tacoma will be removing additional gravel to provide even more protection through increasing the facilities capacity to hold stormwater, which in turn reduces downstream flooding. At the same time a new public trail will be constructed allowing you to enjoy this green space.


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Oakland Neighborhood Permeable Pavement Project

The Environmental Services Department received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology and has partnered with the Public Works Department to replace Monroe Street, Gunnison Street, and Madison Street with new streets in Tacoma’s Oakland neighborhood. These new streets will be constructed with permeable pavement that will allow the rainwater falling on to the street and soak into the ground. This project is designed to improve water quality from this area entering the Flett Creek Watershed.

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Point Defiance: Protecting Puget Sound

The Wilkes Expedition noted the potential of Point Defiance as a strategic military location to defend the area from attack. That was in 1841. Today, some 175 years later, Point Defiance is serving as a defender not of land, but of Puget Sound, thanks to the new regional stormwater treatment facility.


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South Tacoma Greenscape Project

In 2014, the City Council set a strategic objective to focus on development of the South Tacoma and Lincoln District neighborhoods, both of which are designated as Mixed Use Centers. Funding for streetscape projects was approved by the City Council as part of the 2015-2016 biennial budget process.


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Wapato Pervious Streets Project

The Wapato Pervious Streets Project was constructed to reduce the quantity of stormwater discharged in the Flett Watershed. This project also aims to reduce the contaminant loading into Wapato Lake, which has been identified as an impaired water body.


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