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Gunsan, Korea

Tacoma's Sister City since 1978. 
Gunsan, port city at the mouth of the Kum river on the west coast of North Cholla province, Republic of Korea, about 125 miles S.S.W. of Seoul and 30 miles W.N.W. of Chonju. Its population is about 200,000. There is an American Air Force base located in the vicinity.

Originally a poor fishing village, Gunsan underwent rapid development when the modern port was opened in 1899 and a rail link was established by a branch line from Pusan.

As a developed intercontinental trade port it has advanced the involvement of the Yellow Sea in maritime trade.

Its major industries include plywood production, paper and pulp, breweries and rubber manufacturing. Gunsan is particularly noted as a rice-shipping port and much of its commercial activity centers around the processing, storing and transport of the rice grown in the rich Kum river basin. The countryside around Gunsan also produces important crops of barley, beans, cotton and rushes, while the adjacent waters yield good catches of fish and shrimp.

Gunsan Sister City Committee Chair
Ms. Ok Sun Wilson