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Homelessness Services

A Humane, Realistic and Holistic Approach

During the current biennium the City has invested $10.9 million in homelessness service contracts, inclement weather services and encampment cleanups to help connect people who are experiencing homelessness with community services through outreach and to help promote community health and safety. The foundation of this funding investment is based on reducing chronic homelessness in Tacoma through the following objectives:

  • Support innovative programming designed to reduce the impacts of chronic homelessness for Tacoma businesses.
  • Support innovative approaches that reach out to and engage chronically homeless individuals.
  • Support innovative programming designed to ensure chronically homeless individuals, once housed, remain housed.

Resource Documents




To access housing services, contact 

Coordinated Entry

(253) 682-3401


To learn about hosting a temporary shelter, contact

Tiegan Tidball

Systems Analyst


For all other inquiries, contact

Erica Azcueta

Homelessness and Household Stability Program Manager