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Do TAGRO products smell?

Because it is nutrient rich, TAGRO Mix has an “earthy” smell that dissipates after a few days, depending on how much drying or watering it receives. When odor is an issue, you have most likely over applied TAGRO Mix for the purpose. TAGRO Potting Soil is virtually odorless and suitable for houseplants.

Will TAGRO products hurt my pets?

It’s safe to allow pets onto TAGRO Mix-treated lawns, but wait a few days until the TAGRO has worked its way into the roots. Some animals are attracted to and eat TAGRO products. While it’s nutritious for your plants, it doesn’t contain the nutrients your pets need. And, if they track it into the house, TAGRO’s organic materials can be difficult to clean from carpets.

Why does the TAGRO Mix I received have lumps in it?
In order to meet the extra demand in spring, we stockpile TAGRO Mix during the winter, which can cause it to clump. But even fresh TAGRO Mix can clump when it’s loaded and hauled in a dump truck. It will be easier to spread if you let it dry out and just break up the lumps with a garden rake. And, we suggest placing a tarp over the pile as soon as possible to protect your TAGRO Mix from the rain and elements.

Since TAGRO products are natural, organic products, why should I be concerned about how much I use?
With TAGRO Mix, it’s best to follow the “less is more” rule for two important reasons:

A thick layer of TAGRO Mix holds too much water and provides more nutrients than your lawn can possibly use. Your lawn could get soft and even swampy if you don’t have adequate drainage, and you’ll be mowing far more than you should. Also, thick applications of TAGRO Mix will retain odors for much longer.

Excess nutrients from TAGRO Mix or any other plant-nutrient source can be washed into lakes and streams, affecting water quality and the salmon that live there. Excess nutrients also can penetrate deeply into well-drained soils and eventually have an impact on aquifers that provide drinking water. TAGRO Potting Soil is a more balanced product that retains nutrients because of its higher carbon content, so you can use it more liberally. Use TAGRO Potting Soil to fill a raised bed to the desired depth.

What type of seed or weed killer should I use?
Your local nursery is the best source of advice for helping you to determine which plants and seeds would work best in your yard and for your specific project. Your local nursery also is a good source of information on the proper use of gardening supplies. The local Master Gardener Program is another excellent source for information and advice. In Pierce County, the number is (253) 798-7170.

How heavy are TAGRO products?
TAGRO Mix weighs an average of 1,600 pounds per cubic yard. This weight varies with the seasons between a low of 1,300 and a high of 1,800 pounds per cubic yard during wetter months. By comparison, soils weigh approximately 2,400 to 3,200 pounds per cubic yard depending on moisture and composition. TAGRO Potting Soil is about 900 pounds a yard.

How should I pay for my TAGRO delivery?
We accept checks, debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover), or cash in the exact amount. Our drivers do not carry cash and cannot make change.

Do I have to be there when it is delivered?
We prefer someone be present (you, a neighbor, an older child or a relative) to show the driver where to unload your TAGRO products, give a check to the driver, sign the receipt and collect the informational brochure. If rain is expected, we recommend that you cover your TAGRO products to keep them dry until you’re ready to use them.

If the delivery spot is clear, and we have a phone number to contact you and collect payment, we may be able to arrange for a delivery with no one there. 

Can the driver unload the TAGRO in the street in front of my home?
We are a fish-friendly product and want to avoid any possible runoff into the stormwater system, which flows directly to your local creeks, lakes and Commencement Bay. Stormwater is not treated before it enters our waterways. We’ll be happy to deliver it in your front yard, driveway or backyard (if we have enough room to maneuver back there), but not on the street.

Will the truck leave ruts in my lawn?

The dump trucks weigh between 15,000 and 60,000 pounds, depending on the vehicle. As you can imagine, we need firm soil, driveways and curbs to drive on. You should decide if these areas could carry the load. The truck is likely to leave ruts in any recently tilled areas that it passes over. Please check the area to make sure the dump truck will not be driving or backing over buried utilities (telephone or electrical systems, sprinkler systems, water, gas or sewer lines or septic drain fields).

Can the driver unload it in small piles or spread the TAGRO with the dump truck?
We try our best to help you, but keep in mind that dump trucks are not that accurate. The material will not flow through the tailgate in a small enough quantity to allow us to spread it. And we have no way to predict accurately how much TAGRO will fall into any pile. Sometimes when we split a load, most of the load might end up in the first or last pile.

Can I get a mixed load of say five yards of Potting Soil and five yards of Mix in one delivery?
Yes, but keep in mind that they will indeed be “mixed.” There are no partitions in the dump beds and the two products will combine in some way when dumped. You can separate them somewhat when shoveling, but some of the pile will be mixed. Blended TAGRO products are still useful, but the color and texture will not be pure.