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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

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Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Treatment

Untreated mental illness or substance use disorders and their related problems have clear and negative impacts on businesses and urban residential living. Mental illness and substance use disorders often result in increased poverty, homelessness, and the breakdown of families.


We all share in the ultimate costs for dealing with the issues of substance use disorders and mental health. For example, an individual without substance abuse treatment can cost a community approximately $22,000 in emergency room visits, criminal justice services, and child welfare every year. By ensuring adequate treatment, we can reduce that cost to an estimated $2,430.


The City of Tacoma has joined jurisdictions all over the state to implement a 0.1% increase in the sales tax (This is only 1/10th of one percent or one penny for every $10.00 purchase.) The money under this section must be used solely for the purpose of providing for substance use disorder or mental health treatment programs and services that may include therapeutic court programs, case management, and housing.


Having an engaged, vibrant, and productive citizenry is at the heart of a thriving community and economic development.

MHSUD Collaboration

The City of Tacoma facilitates the Collaboration of community partners invested in serving individuals who struggle with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.  Bringing together community partners ensures systems work together to meet comprehensive and complicated needs.


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Suicide Prevention Resources

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Suicide Depression Student Guidebook

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DSHS Research and Data Analysis Report 11.140, 2006

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Economic Benefits of Drug Treatment: Scailfe Family Foundation through National Rural Foundation on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 2005






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Program Manager

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