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East 40th Street GSI and Utility Improvements


The City of Tacoma's Environmental Services Department, Public Works Department, and Tacoma Public Utilities have partnered to plan and implement an integrated approach to retrofit the East 40th Street roadway from McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue. The new permeable roadway will be designed with traffic safety improvements for reducing speeds and an enhanced pedestrian and bicycle experience on a new shared use path. The improvements will also include green infrastructure bioswales, new stormwater and water pipes, and new sidewalks and curb ramps. Public and private utilities will also be replaced in coordination within East 40th Street from McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue.


The 40th Street Green Infrastructure Project provided improved water quality to 30 acres in the First Creek, Lower Puyallup Watershed. This area is home to a number of wildlife species, habitats, and various wetlands. The project helped create a healthy groundwater flow entering First Creek, restored the area to its natural conditions, and reduced neighborhood flooding. Watch the Tacoma Reports video of the project below!




The City has already gained these prestigious awards for the work done on East 40th Street Improvements.  


Innovative Stormwater Project Award (PNCWA Award)

This award recognizes and encourages projects that showcase innovative stormwater elements. Projects completed by PNCWA members that feature any of the following components are eligible: stormwater design innovation; urban habitat enhancement; water quality enhancement; public education and outreach about stormwater; integration and enhancement of social, economic, and environmental factors. Projects must be complete and functioning.


NAFSMA’s 2018 Green Infrastructure Award Winner Medium/Large Population 3rd Place

NAFSMA's 2018 Award Video


East 40th Street Improvements

View the Schematic Plan for the East 40th Street improvement project.


Improvements by Block

View the Block by Block Plans for the East 40th Street improvement project.



Fund Number & Fund Name

Total Amount

4301 ES Surface Water Fund


WA State Dept. of Ecology Grant


1085 PW Streets Initiative Fund


1060 PW Transportation Capital

$     63,801.00

Tacoma Water Bond Fund

$   593,798.48

 Total    $4,785,049.55




Estimated Start Date

Estimated End Date


May 2016

April 2017

1st Public Design Meeting

October 11, 2016


2nd Public Design Meeting

February 8, 2017


Advertise and Award

April 2017

June 2017

Public Construction Meeting

June 2017



July 24, 2017

April 2018



The City of Tacoma is managing the project. For questions or concerns regarding the East 40th Street Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project, please contact Olivia Mathison, City Project Manager, at (253) 502-2285.


For More Information

Please see our 40th Street Green Infrastructure Project handout for more details.