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2022 Amendment

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The Planning Commission has been conducting reviews of the four applications for the 2022 Amendment since July 21, 2021 when the determination was made to move the applications forward for technical analysis. The Commission is tentatively scheduled to hold a public hearing in March 2022 to receive public comments on the draft 2022 Amendment Recommendation Package.


Stay tuned for additional information, or visit the website of Planning Commission Agendas to follow the Commission's meetings and deliberations.


Posted below are the four applications, along with relevant documents and materials associated with each. 


Application - "NewCold" 

Description: Seeking land use designation change at a 3-acre site near Orchard and S. 46th to allow for expansion of an existing heavy industrial use. 


Application - "South Sound Christian Schools"

Description: Seeking land use designation changes on 8 parcels near Tacoma Mall Boulevard and S. 64th to allow for multi-family and commercial uses on some of the parcels.


Application - "South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District" (STGPD)

Description: Requesting a broad review of the general area of the STGPD to promote an Eco-Industrial Park and Economic Green Zone concept. (Note: The application was initially referred to as "South Tacoma Economic Green Zone", but what is proposed for adoption in 2022 Amendment cycle is a portion of the original scope, referred to as "Work Plan for STGPD Code Amendments.")

Application - "Minor Plan and Code Amendments"

Description: Non-policy, technical type of changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Use Regulatory Code to correct errors, address inconsistencies, update information, improve clarity, and clarify policy/regulatory intents.



This website is for the project of 2022 Annual Amendment to the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and/or the Land Use Regulatory Code ("2022 Amendment"). The amendment cycle runs from January 2021 through June 2022.


The One Tacoma Plan is the blueprint for achieving the community's vision for future growth and the Land Use Regulatory Code (Title 13 of the Tacoma Municipal Code) is a key tool to implementing the goals and policies of the Plan. These documents are reviewed and amended, generally, on an annual basis in accordance with the State Growth Management Act in order to maintain their effectiveness.


The Application Packet that was used to solicit applications during January-March 2021 is posted below for documentation purposes. It provides background information about why the Plan and the Code are amended, the types of amendments that may be considered, who may propose amendments, and who to contact for more information. 

  •  2022 Amendment Application Packet
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