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High School Programs

High School Programs

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The EnviroChallenger program works directly with the Tacoma School District in offering experiences in the Environmental Services Department for high school student.

  • 40+ hours of job training and experience 
  • High school credit 
  • An academic completion bonus 
  • Basic work readiness 
  • Resume/interview skills 
  • Increased self-confidence and personal growth

The Next Move Internship Cohort

The Next Move Internship Cohort at Tacoma’s Environmental Services allows student to learn workplace skills, tours the facilities at ES and work alongside various employees at the department. If the student is interested in engineering, field work, driving truck, working in the lab, construction, maintenance and much more they should check out the internship cohort.


Apply at Next Move Internship - Tacoma Public Schools (tacomaschools.org)


“During my time at the offices, both the Urban water center and Landfill, I have seen and talked to many people and, when asked, they all talk about how much they love working for the city and how much they have been able to grow even when they have only been there for a few months. I previously did not really know if I wanted to work for the city or even in Tacoma in general, however I now think that the benefits of staying and working here seem to outweigh the possible negatives ten-fold.”  – Jack


"Thank you for hosting me as an intern at City of Tacoma! I enjoyed meeting lots of new people and getting to know them and what they do. I appreciate the work that you put into arranging these experiences for me, and overall, I am very grateful for this opportunity."  – Sokpich 


EnviroChallenger’s Environmental Service Certification Program (ESCP)


Focus on diversity, green jobs training, earning industry recognized certifications, field experience, career building and personal development.


Earning instruction and training -Tree stewardship, Collection and sampling, Chain of Custody, Field note-booking, plant identification, field and tool safety, public speaking, leadership, personal financing, and team building

Field experiences – raingarden maintenance, Lincoln Tree Farm, treatment plant, transfer center, City lab, City parks, Washington Conservation Corps worksites, Foss Seaport, Tacoma Sea Scouts

  • 0.5 FTE High School Credit 
  • College accreditation through Clover Park Tech - 4 credits for this course towards Environmental Sciences and Technology Program 
  • One of four classes in alignment with Environmental graduation pathway for district
  • $500 stipend

Apply at Summer Credential Programs - Tacoma Public Schools (tacomaschools.org)


Summer experiences

Students can work directly with the City of Tacoma environmental services offices.


Apply at Jobs 253 Opportunities - Tacoma Public Schools (tacomaschools.org)