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Special Event and Film Permits

Welcome to the City of Tacoma's Special Events Office 


Whether producing an event or a film, the City's Special Events Office is here to assist you with all aspects of the permitting process. On these pages you'll find information, requirements and suggestions on how to make the process a success. Don't hesitate to call the office at (253) 573-2523 or email Ashley Young, Special Events Coorindator, ayoung1@tacomavenues.org. And thanks for choosing Tacoma!


Online Application for a Special Event Permit

Tacoma’s one-stop-shop Permit Center and Accela online application site make it easy for you to submit your application and accompanying documents from the comfort of your home or mobile device 24/7. To access the online site go to: www.tacomapermits.org. To go directly to Accela go to: https://aca.accela.com/tacoma/


Requirements  for a Special Event Permit

Before beginning, check out the Requirements page (Terms and Conditions) to be sure you are informed about what's expected in the application process.


Applications should be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event date. This allows for proper internal review as well as the required notification to impacted residents and/or businesses.


What is a Special Event?

A special event is any organized formation or assembly consisting of 50 or more persons and which include any combination of animals, vehicles, that wishes to assemble and/or travel on streets or sidewalks, and which does not comply with normal or usual traffic regulation or controls. This also applies to a public beach, park or plaza. Tacoma Municipal Code Title 11.15


Types of Events

Concerts, parades, circuses, fairs, festivals, block parties, community events, fund-raising events, private parties, promotional events, marathons and running events, bicycle races or tours, and Constitutionally Protected Activities.


Special Events Funding

The City's Events & Recognitions Committee is dedicated to distributing funding for community events throughout Tacoma. Funding cylces are January through December and awarded applicants can apply between $1,000 - $10,000 in funding. The Special Events Funding program is intended to provide funds to qualified event producers. The intent is to foster high-quality, equitable, inclusive, open-to-the-public events across all of Tacoma; it will also seek to help strengthen the capacity of producing organizations to find other sustainable funding sources for the future of their event(s). Selected event producers must submit a fully executed proposal, meet deadlines, criteria, and expectations of the program, put on the event described in their proposal, and report an invoice and final report on the event as directed by the program staff.


See 2024 Special Events Funded Events


City Event Services

The City Event Services Program standardizes the distribution of City of Tacoma services and non-monetary support to benefit community special events beginning in 2025. Historically, some community events received financial and in-kind services support from City departments. 


In 2021, Tacoma Venues & Events (TVE) updated the City’s financial support process, introducing an equitable competitive grant system directed by the City’s Events and Recognitions Committee (CERC). The City Event Services Program expands this process to ensure the equitable delivery of non-monetary support for events starting in 2025. 


Apply for a Master Film Permit

You may request an application from the Special Events Office or print a Master Film Permit Application form. Master Film Permits may be submitted within a week of production depending on the complexity of the project. The Tacoma Municipal Code specifies the guidelines for issuing Master Film Permits, as well as other requirements. You may want to review this chapter before submitting your application. Tacoma Municipal Code Title 11.10.


Submit Your Application

You may scan your application and submit to Ashley Young, Special Event Coordinator at ayoung1@tacomavenues.org.

Special Event Tip Sheet 


Special Events Office
Ashley Young
Community Events Coordinator
Permitting Authority
2727 East D Street (Tacoma Dome)
Tacoma, WA 98421

Phone: (253) 573-2523

Tacoma Police Department
Sgt. Jason Mills
Special Events Sergeant
Phone: (253) 591-5990


Tacoma Fire Department
Operational Permits

Phone: (253) 591-5740