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Coordinator Team

Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort









Coordinator Role

The Coordinator develops and coordinates all major activities in close collaboration with the City of Tacoma Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability. Program content will be based on community input during and beyond the climate action planning process between 2020-2021, the latest facts and science, and the expertise of program partners and cohort members.


In its first year, this pilot program will strive to deliver an insightful, introductory training on local climate justice topics and civic engagement strategies to frontline community members, equipping them with basic knowledge and skills to take, organize, or encourage climate action. With support from Tacoma City Council to build out this climate action-focused civic engagement program over coming years, it will be the role of the Coordinator to work with City staff to deliver this first-ever training, gather lessons, and advise the City on opportunities for future cohorts. 


Major pilot program activities include: 
  • Cohort member recruitment: application development, program promotion, informational open houses, interviews, and selection  
  • Training curriculum, content, and materials development  
  • Virtual/in-person networking and training involving rotation of topics and partners/speakers 
  • Partner/speaker networking and planning meetings 
  • Possible limited hands-on learning or service day(s) 
  • Funded end-of-cohort demonstration projects