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Student Government Day

Student Government Day Scheduled for November 8, 2022

Students participating in Student Government Day

The Student Government Day program provides high school students who live in Tacoma or attend Tacoma Public Schools with an opportunity to learn more about the policy-making processes and operations of municipal government.  As an attendee you will:

  • Meet with the Mayor, City Council Members, city executives, and staff to talk about important issues
  • Learn about the services provided by city government
  • Play the role of the Mayor, Council Members or city staff members in a Mock City Council Meeting

  • Learn about emerging, important issues for the City of Tacoma

  • Gain firsthand knowledge of how the City provides core services to the community
  • Learn how these services or issues impact you now and, in the future

Download the Student Government Day Flyer

Student Government Day is Back! Apply by October 24 to Participate

Applications are now being accepted for Student Government Day 2022. Up to 60 students will be selected to participate each year. In line with our Equity & Empowerment Framework, student nominations will be representative of different genders, ethnicities, high schools, council districts, and life experiences. The deadline to apply is now November 1, 2022. Students will be notified if they are selected to participate by November 2, 2022.


Apply Now for Student Government Day 2022


Schedule of Events

On Student Government Day, the following is the schedule of events for all participants.


7:35 AM

Students will check-in with their respective Tacoma Public High Schools and will then be released to the Office. Students will then be bused to the Tacoma Municipal Building. Tacoma Public School students will be provided transportation from the students' respective high schools to the Tacoma Municipal Building. All other students will need to provide their own transportation or contact staff (Will Suarez) to arrange bus vouchers. 


8:15 AM

Arrive at the Tacoma Municipal Building (TMB) at 747 Market Street and report to Room 148 on the first floor. Students will receive name tags and a welcome packet. 


8:30 AM to 9 AM

Overview of the day’s activities, logistical outline, expectations for student behavior and an introduction to Municipal Government.

Introductions to Departments and Department Liaisons

9 AM to 10 AM

Introduction to departmental liaisons and government careers. During this time students will learn more about specific jobs within municipal government.



Tour of Departments

10:05 AM to 10:50 AM
The departmental visits and tours are designed for students to learn about the day-to-day operations of the employees in the City Government and understand how the various departments and offices of the government function. 

Lunch with City Council

11 AM to 11:45 AM

Lunch with the City Council. Your lunch will be provided by the City of Tacoma.

Facility Tours

12:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Students will be provided a tour of the Center for Urban Waters and the Tacoma Fire Training facility.

Mock City Council Meeting

4 PM to 4:30 PM

The Mock City Council Meeting is set for students to learn how the City Council business meetings are conducted and how decisions for the City are adopted.

Before the Mock City Council Meeting students will vote for five students to act as the Mayor and four Council Members. The rest of the students will be assigned to departments to discuss and decide on proposed budget allocation and priorities for the City. Students will then present them in the meeting where the assigned Mayor and Council Members will vote for approval.


Students will then fill out a feedback form to provide input about the day and will submit the completed Student Government Day worksheet.


Students will take a group photo with Mayor and City Council. If you wish to participate in the group photo, then you must submit a completed image release form.

City Council Meeting

5-5:15 PM

Students will be recognized by the Mayor during the Proclamations and Recognitions portion of the agenda.  Students are free to leave after the conclusion of the Recognition.


Bus vouchers will be made available to any student needing to use public transportation to return to their place residence. Please contact staff for more information.


Responsibilities of the Participants 


  • Students will start the day at their home rooms and will be released to the office of their High Schools. Students will then be bused to the Tacoma Municipal Building by Tacoma Public Schools. 
  • Check out with a Tacoma Public Schools representative if needing to leave the event early for any reason. 
  • Report any problems or concerns immediately to an advisor or City staff member.
  • Be punctual to scheduled activities and remain present until the activity is complete. 


  • Information forthcoming.  

Dress Code

The dress code for this event is business casual. If you are unsure if what you are going to wear is acceptable, ask an advisor prior to your arrival.


Suggested Attire

  • Dress or Suit

  • Skirt/Slacks/Khakis

  • Blouse, collared polo or Oxford shirt

  • Sweater/sweater-vest

  • Blazer or Jacket

  • Comfortable dress shoes

Supervision During the Day

Advisors are expected to attend all activities and meetings along with students during the event day. Students should not be in attendance at any portion of an event without adult supervision. All employees, advisors and staff members in contact with students must be adults 21 years of age or older and have completed background checks.

Date and Time

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

8:15 AM-5:15 PM 


Who Can Attend

Students Grades 9-12 who live in Tacoma or attend Tacoma Public Schools




Cathy Sims

Management Fellow 
City Manager’s Office

(253) 257-5610


Tacoma Public Schools

601 South 8th Street

PO Box 1357

Tacoma, WA 98401

(253) 571-1000