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Transportation Commission


In 2013, the City Council adopted Resolution 38669 that established a Transportation Commission.



The Transportation Commission consists of eleven members.  Nine of the voting members appointed by the City Council are City residents.  Five are Representatives from each of the City’s Council Districts.  Two members are non-voting members appointed by the City Manager. Each member brings a range of perspectives and expertise that focus on the City’s long-term vision for mobility options through the City. Members reflect the:
  • professional engineering sector
  • construction/private business sector
  • bike and pedestrian/mass transit sector
  • planning/urban growth sector
  • environmental/sustainability sector
  • general community
  • ADA community


 Member District
 Troy Serad  At Large
 Susan Reehill  District 2
 Aram Westergreen  District 5
 Richard Gardner  At Large
 VACANT  At Large
 Erin Anderson  At Large
 Bruce Morris, Co-Chair  District 4
 Luis Alonzo  District 3
 Gerrit Nyland, Co-Chair   City Manager Appointed
 Jacki Skaught  District 1
 Matt Stevens  City Manager Appointed



Duties and Responsibilities

The Transportation Commission advises the City Council on transportation-related matters such as:
  • short-term and long-range transportation planning
  • compliance with local, regional, and federal transportation regulations
  • bike, pedestrian, and mass transit-related planning initiatives
  • parking and capital improvement plans

Staff Support

Staffing support to the Transportation Commission is provided by the Public Works Engineering Division. To apply for Transportation Commission positions, visit Serve Tacoma.

Time and Day
5:30 PM
Third Wednesday of each month

Tacoma Municipal Building 
747 Market Street
Room 243
Tacoma, WA 98402

Additional Information

Staff Liaison
Carrie Wilhelme
(253) 591-5560