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Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

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The Mayor's Youth Commission is a platform for youth in Tacoma to engage their local government and be a part of the important decisions being made right now that will soon affect them. For the first six months of 2019, students from across Tacoma came together to discuss what changes they wanted to see in Tacoma and how they would achieve those changes. After months of conversation and learning, the students elected their inaugural 10-member leadership team in June of 2019 that would guide the full commission in its work. When the leadership team was sworn in they were leading a Youth Commission of 70 Tacoma students. 


The membership of the Youth Commission includes all members who have applied and have been added to the official roster by the staff liaison. Students interested in applying can use the link below. Any student in middle or high school is eligible to apply so long as they either live or attend school in Tacoma. Once you are added to the roster, you will receive regular emails from the staff liaison. 



Mayor and Commission


Mayor Woodards and Members of the Youth Commission on election day, June 2019


"The Tacoma Mayor's Youth Commission is changing the way Tacoma governs! The youth voice, celebrated through this open, project-based group of young people, is central. Tacoma is listening to the Commission. Tacoma is listening to the youth. And you can be a part of the change. Apply below if you live or go to school in Tacoma and want to make real change in your community!" -Rosemary Sissel, Commission Chair


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Current Leadership Team

The leadership team of the Youth Commission includes the Chair and Vice-Chair of each of the four committees, and the Commission Chair and Commission Vice-Chair who represent the leadership team and the Youth Commission when in the community and before the City Council. The leadership may at times appoint ad-hoc committee leaders for specific purposes, but these members do not have the same powers as the elected chairs. 


Youth Commission Members

The 2020-2021 Leadership Team 


Name and Position

 Council   District


Nate Minor, Chair District 1 (North Tacoma)

 Wilson High School

Rowan Ali, Vice Chair District 1 (North Tacoma)   Foss High School
Tara Ryan District 1 (North Tacoma)   Foss High School
Tara Zolfaghari Outside City Limits  Steilacoom High School
Zoha Ahmad Outside City Limits  Charles Wright Academy
Mackenzie Sunde Outside City Limits  Spanaway Lake High School
Nathan Essman District 1 (North Tacoma)  Wilson High School
Connor Mon District 4 (East Tacoma)   Science and Math Institute 
Logan Cornwell District 4 (East Tacoma) Homeschool/Pierce College Running Start


Leadership Team Goals 2020-2021

Each year the elected leadership team chooses priorities for the whole Youth Commission to focus on. Each committee works together to achieve these goals as well as their own focused priorities. 



The Committees

The Mayor's Youth Commission is organized into four committees that guide the work they want to do in Tacoma. Each is led by a Chair and Co-Chair elected by their committee, and are coordinated by the Commission Chair and Vice-Chair. Ad-hoc committee chairs when created are included below. Ad-hoc chairs are appointed by the leadership team and serve until the committee's purpose is fulfilled. 



Justice and Safety Committee (J&S)

The Justice and Safety Committee strives to empower Tacomans to know their rights, improve school safety for students, and improve the safety for all Tacomans throughout the City. 


Priorities for J&S Committee for 2020-2021:

  • Building relationships with government and consulting bodies that influence police policy on reform and defunding. We will achieve this by having a committee member join the Community Police Advisory Council and speaking to 21CP about TPD.
  • Educate on and provide opportunities for organizing around Washington State implementing rank-choice voting. We will achieve this by presenting the Mayor’s Youth Commission on rank-choice voting and connect with FairVote Washington.
  • Contribute youth input to the decisions made by the Tacoma Public Schools and Washington State on the roll of district contracted and employed police officers. We will achieve this by connecting with CPAC and the Tacoma Public School Board. 


Social Health Committee (SH)

The Social  Health Committee focuses on student mental health, and programs that create social cohesion in communities.  



Environmental Health Committee 

The Environmental Committee focuses on advocating for environmental awareness and protecting Tacoma’s natural surroundings.

The Environmental Committee’s primary goal in the upcoming year will be increasing environmental awareness opportunities for youth in Tacoma both in and out of school. In addition to this, the Environmental Committee will be observing the City’s environmental policies and be making recommendations based upon our observations.



Education, Arts and Culture Committee (EA&C)

The Education, Arts and Culture Committee focuses on strengthening educational outcomes and partnership with Tacoma Public Schools, and creating opportunities for youth to share their art and culture in their schools and city.  



Documents and Media

Article, Centering Youth in Local Government 

Q13 News Clip on the First Elections, June 15, 2019

Resolution Formally Establishing the Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

Youth Commission Bylaws as of November 13, 2019 

Support for Peaceful Protests sent to Governor Inslee 


Staff Support

Staffing support to the Mayor's Youth Commission is provided by the City Manager's Office



General Assembly

3 PM - 4:30 PM

Third Saturday of each month



Meeting ID: 833 8944 7063

Contact staff Liaison for password


Leadership Team Meeting
3 PM - 4 PM

First and Third Wednesday of each month

(253) 215-8782
Webinar ID: 833 8944 7063
Passcode: 779930



Youth Commission Coordinator

Leandra Shelton

Contact the youth commission coordinator with questions, or requests of the Youth Commission

City Staff Contact

Ted Richardson
Contact the City staff contact for records, documents, and meeting information