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Citizen Commission on Elected Salaries



Pursuant to Section 2.25 of the City Charter, the City Council shall commence a comprehensive review of the City Charter no less frequently than once every ten years by appointing citizens to a Charter Review Committee.  In 2014 the Charter Review Committee met and forwarded to the City Council amendments to the City Charter.  At the City Council meeting of July 15, 2014, the City Council forwarded 12 proposed Charter amendments to be placed on the November 4, 2014 ballot.   Amended Resolution No 38956 amended Section 2.3 of the City Charter to create a Citizen Commission on Elected Salaries.


Duties and Responsibilities

A Citizen Commission on Elected Salaries will determine the compensation and salary of the Mayor and each Council Member.  The Commission shall set the salary and any salary changes for the Mayor and Council Members.  The salary and any salary changes set by the Commission shall be adopted by the City Council.  The Commission shall meet each year beginning in 2015 in one or more regular or special meetings to carry out its duties set forth in this section.  Determination for any change in the salaries of these elected officials shall be filed with the City Clerk and transmitted to the Council for adoption no later than September 1 of the calendar year.



The Salary Commission shall consist of seven members appointed as follows: Five of the seven Commission Members shall be selected by lot by the County Auditor from among those registered City of Tacoma voters eligible to vote at the time the persons are selected for appointment to the Commission.  There shall be one member selected from each of the City’s Council districts.  The remaining two of the seven Commission members must be residents of the City of Tacoma and shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.  One person shall have experience in human resource management.  The second person shall have experience in the legal profession.


Current Membership

District 1 - Danette Knowles

District 2 - Sara Liu

District 3 - Alexandria Abplanalp

District 4 - Colette Babbs

District 5 - Thomas Brewster 

Human Resources Management - Judy Loveless-Morris

Legal Profession - Greg Amann


Application (HR/Legal Positions)


2015 Decision

2016 Decision

2017 Decision
2018 Decision

2019 Decision

2020 Decision

2021 Decision

2022 Decision

2023 Decision


CCES Bylaws


Staff Support

Staffing support to the Salary commission is provided by the Human Resources Department.

Time and Day



February 5, 2024




May 6, 2024



Special Meeting


July 15, 2024




August 5, 2024 




November 4, 2024




All meetings are currently

held at the Tacoma Municipal Bldg.

747 Market St. Room 243

Tacoma, WA  98402

as well as virtually via Zoom*

*See agenda for Zoom log-in 



Staff Liaison

Monica Rutledge 
Human Resources

(253) 433-4393