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Union Avenue Viaduct Overlay

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This project will provide a new driving surface on the bridge.  The work entails grinding off the top half inch of the bridge deck and providing one-and-a-half inches of new cement concrete overlay and installing new expansion joints.


The bridge remains open during construction. The work will be accomplished using half the bridge at one time. The other half will remain open for one lane of traffic in each direction.


Project Funding

This project is funded by a Federal Bridge Grant.



Item Amount
Design $200,000
Construction Engineering $200,000
Construction $2,600,000
Total $3,000,000



Task Estimated Start Date Estimated Completion Date
Design January 2015 March 2015
Advertising March 2015 April 2015
Construction April 2015 September 2015 


Be Informed, Get Involved

The City of Tacoma is managing the project. Contact City Project Manager Dan Soderlind with questions or concerns at (253) 591-5263 or by email.