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Stevens, Tyler and 66th Street Bike Lanes - Phase 1 and 2

Project Description

This project will link existing bikeways north/south across Tacoma by closing the gap on the Tyler/Stevens bikeway and will add an east/west connection along South 66th Street between Tyler and the Water Flume Line Trail (Clement). It will also add pedestrian improvements at certain intersections.  Phase 1 of the project will include adding bike lanes between N. 7th Street and S. 18th Street along Stevens Street as well as the east/west connection.  Phase 1 also includes sharrows on Adams Street from S. 66th Street to the South Tacoma Sound Transit Station. Phase 2 will design the remaining gap between S. 18th Street and Wright Avenue (one block south of Center).


Sound Pacific, LLC of Gig Harbor, WA was awarded construction of Phase 1.  Construction is anticipated to be completed this winter.  Transportation Solutions, Inc. of Redmond was the consultant selected for traffic analysis and design recommendations for Phase 2.


Project Budget

Phase                                                    Amount                                     
Design (Phase 1 and 2)                      $190,000 (City and WSDOT bike/ped Grant)           
Construction Phase 1 $1,520,000 (City and WSDOT bike/ped Grant)



Task                                     Estimated Completion Date
Phase 1 Design March 2018
Phase 2 Design December 2018
Phase 1 Construction December 2018 
Phase 2 Construction Unfunded


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Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Manager, Diane Sheesley, at (253) 591-5358 or by email with questions, concerns, or comments.