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South 19th Street (S. Cedar Street to Bates Technical College Campus)

Project Description

The project will provide an ADA compliance accessible path and construct approximately 1,200 linear feet of missing link sidewalk from the termination of the existing sidewalk just east of the Cedar Medical Clinic Building to the start of the Bates Technical College. The work includes upgrading all ramps at the South Cedar Street/South 19th Street intersection to meet current ADA standards, improving the signal timing and pedestrian mobility with vehicular detection, and the installation of accessible pedestrian push buttons and countdown pedestrian signals. Moving east, the non-compliance driveway approach will be replaced with an accessible section, and the sidewalk will be seven-feet wide and will be set back from the road by a five-feet planter strip/pedestrian buffer.


Project Funding                                                                                               

Funding Source Amount
TIB $346,000
1085 Streets Initiative $156,190



Phase  Amount
Design $57,945
Construction              $444,245
Total $502,190



Phase  Estimated Starting Date Estimated Completion Date
Design January 2018 November 2018
Ad & Award December 2018 February 2019
Construction     March 2019 October 2019


Contact Information

For additional information contact Project Manager, Nick Correll, at (253) 591-5492 or by email.