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Site 9 Emergency Bulkhead/Esplanade Removal

Scope of Work

The wood bulkhead and esplanade at Site 9 is failing and needs to be removed before falling into the Thea Foss Waterway.  Site 9 is located at 1117 and 1119 Dock Street, immediately south of the Murray Morgan Bridge.

To remedy the situation, the bulkhead and the esplanade will be demolished, rubble beneath the esplanade will be removed, and the area behind the bulkhead will be cutback at a 2:1 slope.  The area beneath both the esplanade and the new cutback area will be capped according to the requirements of the Thea Foss Waterway Slope Area Maintenance Plan.  The gangways leading from Site 9 to Foss Harbor Marina will be removed (one at a time) and reinstalled as the project progresses.  Since the in-water work needs to be complete by February 14 due to regulatory constraints, the Public Works Department issued an emergency contract for the project.  The esplanade will be replaced under a separate contract at a later date.

Public and Marina Access

A large portion of the Site 9 parking lot will be closed during the project.  Marina tenants will be able to use the lot north of the Murray Morgan Bridge to park.


The Contractor mobilized to the site on January 2, 2014 and began demolition and excavation on January 6. The Contractor completed the in-water work the week of February 10. The north gangway will be reinstalled by mid March. The parking will be paved and reopened by the end of March, weather permitting. 

Additional Information

Tom Rutherford, P.E.
Public Works/Engineering Division