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Pedestrian Accessibility Improvements

Project Description

This project will replace curb ramps and driveways between E. McKinley Avenue and S. Pacific Avenue along S. 38th Street, curb ramps in various locations within the City of Tacoma ROW to current ADA and PROWAG standards, and install bus pads at the same location as some of the curb ramps. This project will also include the installation and replacement of some permanent channelization.


Locations Where Improvements Will Be Completed

  • South 10th Street and South Meyers Street
  • South Lawrence Street and South 38th Street
  • South 48th Street and South G Street
  • North 11th Street and North Alder Street
  • North 26th Street and North Cheyenne Street
  • North 21st Street and North Fife Street
  • North 27th Street and North Carr Street 
  • South 4th Street and South G Street
  • North 4th Street and North I Street
  • Tacoma Avenue South
  • South A Street and  South 38th Street
  • East 38th Street and SR 7 on- and off-ramps

Project Updates


The project is now completed.


Funding Source Revenue
1085 Street Initiative $625,000
1100 Franchise $187,000
Pierce Transit $5,000


Contact Information

For additional information, contact the City's Project Manager, Darius Thompson by email or at (253) 573-2410.