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East 64th Street Improvements

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E 64th Street Improvements

Phase 1 between McKinley Avenue and Pacific Avenue is complete. Phase 2 will improve East 64th Street from McKinley Avenue East to Portland Avenue and is currently under design.   One additional segment is planned, (Phase 3) Portland to the City limits, and will be completed in future years.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Phase 1

The Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities and the City of Tacoma Public Works Department have postponed the ribbon cutting ceremony originally scheduled for September 2, 2021 to a date to be determined later in 2023. 


Phase 2 Updates

The design of Phase 2 extending from McKinley Avenue East to Portland Avenue is 90% complete and anticipates reaching 100% in March 2023.  Project improvements include replacing the road, adding bike lanes, replacing sidewalks and curb ramps with ramps meeting ADA standards, and upgrading the stormwater and illumination system. Landscaping and art will also be incorporated into the project. Environmental documentation for the project began in fourth quarter of 2022.  


Right of way acquisition began late fourth quarter 2022. Right of way is needed for temporary and permanents easements and is now 70% complete. Agents will begin contacting property owners where easements are required by the project. Construction of the roadway and underground utility improvements will begin in late 2023.


View current plans of E. 64th Street Phase 2.


Construction Updates

Phase 2 utility pole relocation is anticipated to complete late 2022, with aerial line relocation work beginning shortly thereafter and extending into first quarter 2023.  Aerial relocation is 80% complete.


Project Updates/Meetings


Phase 2 Update and Online Project Update Meeting February 10, 2022

City staff provided an update on the design and the anticipated construction timelines for the relocation of the existing power poles and construction of the road, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities.  A video recording of the presentation and a Questions and answers document from the meeting are provided below.

Public Meeting, September 27, 2018 - Project Update

City Staff provided design and schedule update. Relocation of power poles prior to the road construction project was also presented.


Public Open House, November 16, 2017 - Preferred Option presentation

The selected option is the based on the public survey and inputs from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Group (BPTAG).


Pedestrian Technical Advisory Group (BPTAG), July 24 and September 25, 2017

The City presented three options to the BPTAG.


Public Open House, July 20, 2017, at the Good Hope Community

Project phasing and design options with potential improvements to East 64th Street were presented. The intent of the Open House was to collect stakeholder input and feedback on the design options. We had excellent attendance and collected some very helpful comments.


E 64th



E64th St


Phase 2 Project Budget

Source Amount
City of Tacoma (Design)      $300,000
City of Tacoma (Right of Way) $450,000 

TIB Grant 2021 

City of Tacoma Match for Grant (Construction)   
TIB Complete Street Grant 2022 $450,000
Estimated Total Project Cost $9,369,000



Phase 2 Date
Power Pole Relocation                                      June 2022
Design complete                                  March 2023               
 Environmental Start December 2022
Advertising for bids 2023
Construction begins


Construction ends 2024

Questions and Comments 

Please contact Chris Storey, Project Manager at (253) 573-2484 or by email with questions, concerns, or comments. You are also invited to contact Chris to get email updates on public meetings, events and notices.