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Citywide Safety Improvements


The Citywide Safety Improvements Project will provide low-cost safety and sign retroreflectivity improvements at 120 signalized and non-signalized intersections throughout the City of Tacoma.  The City has approximately 300 signalized intersections. This project will upgrade signs to meet current size and retroflectivity standards, and provide durable crosswalk and stop bar pavement markings.  At about ten percent of the locations, durable word arrow pavement markings and striping will be installed.

Project Update

All work has been completed on this project as of September 30, 2014.


Source Amount

Federal Grant


City of Tacoma


Funding Total




The project schedule is divided into three areas.  Estimated schedule dates are shown and may be modified if needed.  Please click on the Area to view the associated intersections that will be improved during construction.

Area 1 - North Region - June 1 to July 24, 2014
Area 2 - Southwest Region - September 15 - September 28, 2014
Area 3 - Southeast Region - July 27 - September 14, 2014


The City of Tacoma is managing the project.  Contact City Project Manager Darius Thompson with questions or concerns at (253) 573-2410 or via email.