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Officer Frost

Larry Frost
End of Watch:
September 9, 1977
At 8:30 PM on September 9, 1977, twenty-nine-year-old Tacoma Police Officer Larry Frost responded to the Food King Store at 3510 South 56th Street, where a brick had been thrown through the window of the business by David Ace Milford.  At 8:43 PM, Officer Frost located Milford at South 64th Street and South Tacoma Way and attempted to arrest him.


Milford, who was 6' 2" and weighed 200 pounds, struck Officer Frost with his fist and knocked the 5' 11", 175-pound Officer to the pavement.  Milford got on top of Officer Frost and wrestled the Officer’s gun from its holster and shot Officer Frost several times in the chest and neck.  Milford then threw the revolver away and stripped off his clothes as he ran from the scene.


Responding Officers located Milford lying naked in a parking lot near South 66th Street and South Tacoma Way, feigning unconsciousness.  Milford was arrested without incident and was subsequently found to be insane.  He was committed to a mental hospital for a short time.


Officer Larry Frost joined the Tacoma Police Department on March 30, 1970 and was assigned to the Patrol Division.  His father, Leland Frost, served on the Department for twenty-eight years.  Officer Frost’s brother Marvin and his cousin, Dave Frost, also served as Tacoma Police Officers.  Officer Frost was a graduate of Tacoma's Lincoln High School and was survived by his son Steven Lee and daughter Heather Lea.


Gone But Not Forgotten