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Annual Amendments

What Are Annual Amendments?

Annual Amendments refer to the changes proposed each year, and the process for the review and adoption of said changes, to the Comprehensive Plan and/or Land Use Regulatory Code, Title 13 of the Tacoma Municipal Code.

As the City's official statement concerning future growth and development, the Comprehensive Plan is subject to continuous review, evaluation and modification to remain relevant and to respond to changing circumstances.  The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) allows the Comprehensive Plan generally to be amended only once each year.

The Land Use Regulatory Code is the key regulatory mechanism that supports the Comprehensive Plan.  GMA requires development regulations to be consistent with and to implement the Comprehensive Plan.  To maintain this consistency, changes to the Comprehensive Plan often are accompanied by similar changes to development regulations and/or zoning classifications.

Amendments can consist of the addition of new Comprehensive Plan elements or modifications to existing elements, including the addition or deletion of policies, map revisions, or updating of data and other information. 


Review of Amendments

All proposed annual modifications to the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Land Use Regulatory Code are reviewed concurrently to address the cumulative effect of the revisions and to maintain internal consistency among the various plan components and external consistency with regional, county, and adjacent jurisdictional plans.  Proposed amendments are considered and reviewed together by the Planning Commission and City Council, and adopted by the City Council. Planning Process for Amendments - illustrative diagram

Recent Annual Amendments

2014 Annual Amendment
2013 Annual Amendment

2012 Annual Amendment

2011 Annual Amendment

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