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Emergency Response/Intelligent Transportation System

Final Reports

  • Tideflats Emergency Response Plan - March 2016 
  • Tideflats and Port of Tacoma ITS Strategic Plan - December 2015 
  • Meeting Materials

    Posted below are meeting materials for the public meeting/open house on January 12, 2015:

    Public Meeting Presentation Materials - January 12, 2015 
    Public Meeting Notice - January 12, 2015 


    Posted below are materials for the Technical Committee's meeting on October 29, 2014: Agenda
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    Final Study Locations Map
    Map of street vacations in the Tideflats area

    Project Background

    The City of Tacoma and the Port of Tacoma have partnered with other agencies and private companies to initiate a study of Emergency Response systems in the tideflats area. The team includes representatives from Tacoma’s Planning and Development Services, Fire, and Public Works departments, as well as Tacoma Rail. In addition to active involvement from the Port of Tacoma, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, U.S. Oil, Targa Sound Terminals, and Puget Sound Energy are all participants in the study. 

    The Emergency Response/Intelligent Transportation System (ER/ITS) study is meant to address existing and future traffic congestion as well as infrastructure and operating deficiencies for emergency response in the tideflats.

    ER/ITS Study Area Map

    The primary two goals of the project are: (1) Develop and implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improvements, e.g., real time information on truck and train movements using GPS and video and active traffic management using signals and messaging; and (2) Work with the City of Tacoma and other emergency responders and stakeholders to develop an Emergency Response Plan for the Port of Tacoma Manufacturing and Industrial Center.
    The group is contracting with Fehr & Peers, the consulting firm which is currently developing the City of Tacoma’s Transportation Master Plan, and Tri-Data Incorporated to work with stakeholders in developing the plan by January, 2015.


    The proposed ER/ITS study is an outgrowth of concerns raised by the City and others resulting from proposed and previous Port area development as well as information contained in the Port’s Land Use and Transportation and Strategic Plans and the Container Port Element of the City Comprehensive Plan.  Existing development within the Tacoma Tideflats has significantly impacted emergency response capability.  Port and City plans call for significant growth in the Tideflats - both with new development and also with increased business at existing businesses.

    Using the ER/ITS study, the City proposes to model the impacts of known, planned and potential additional increases in business activity to measure the future impact to emergency response.  The study also is expected to provide potential options for mitigation as well as recommendations for implementation of an ITS intended to enhance the capability of the existing and future transportation network in the Port area to inform and safely manage emergency response.  

    It also is hoped that the overarching nature of the ER/ITS study will further generally inform the City and the Port’s long-term transportation planning processes, supplementing the information provided in response to specific development proposals. 

    Background Documents

    ER-ITS Study Area Map
    Hilltop Subarea Plan 2014
    North Downtown Subarea Plan 2014
    South Downtown Subarea Plan 2013
    Port of Tacoma Land Use and Transportation Plan 2014
    Tideflats Area Transportation Study Final Report 2011
    Pierce County Recovery Annex 2011
    PoT Rd_I-5_Final Interchange Justification Report
    54th Avenue East RR Crossing - Safety Memo 2013
    54th Avenue East RR Crossing - Summary Memo 2013
    54th Avenue East RR Crossing - Transpo Analysis 2013
    Draft 509 - D Street - Interchange Justification Report
    Review of Tacoma Fire Department Facilities and Units_2004
    Port Evacuation Map
    WSDOT Statewide ITS Plan 2009
    Draft Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program 2015-2020

    Staff Contact

    Shirley Schultz
    (253) 591-5121