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Future Land Use Implementation

About the Project

The intent of the Future Land Use Map Implementation Project is to implement the goals and policies of the One Tacoma Plan through appropriate area-wide rezones consistent with the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Land Use Designations (LUD). The project will also support the development of compact, complete and connected neighborhoods with a variety of housing choices in close proximity to schools, employment, parks, transit, and other amenities.


Current Status - Reviewing Public Testimony and Comments

On May 1, 2019, the Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the proposed Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map amendments. Public comments were accepted through May 17. 

    Public Review Materials:

    • FLUM Storymap:  This webmap enables an interactive display of the proposed rezones and land use designation amendments. There are eight tabs across the top of the screen that provide information on the proposals. 

    Public Comment Webmap 

    Provide comments and see what other community members have to say about the potential rezones at Future Land Use Implementation Map.


    *NOTE: This map includes the identification of commercial areas that will be further evaluated as part of the 2020 amendment process. Only the residential areas identified on this map are proceeding for consideration as part of this year's amendment cycle. 


    Expected completion: August/September 2019. 


    Recent News and Project Updates

    Area Profiles

    The Planning Commission will be considering preliminary zoning proposals for public review and comment. In support of these discussions, staff has compiled the following area profiles to highlight areas with a concentration of potential rezones. Areas not included in this area profile may also be reviewed on the FLUM Interactive Preliminary Zoning Storymap


    Planning Commission (PC) Presentations

    September 5, 2018


    PC Agenda Packet: FLUM and Buildable Lands


    September 19, 2018


    PC Agenda Packet: Options Analysis 


    December 19, 2018


    PC Agenda Packet: Options for Transitional Zoning Districts


    Phased Approach

    On June 7, 2018, the Planning Commission finalized the 2018-2020 Work Program. Due to the volume of work and staffing resources, the FLUM implementation project was restructured to include a phased review. The first phase, scheduled to be completed in June of 2019, will focus on the residential land use designations. The second phase, scheduled to be completed in June of 2020, will address the commercial and industrial land use designations. View the final work program. 

    Project Background

    The FLUM, Figure 2 of the One Tacoma Plan, illustrates the City’s intended future land use pattern through the geographic distribution of residential and commercial areas, mixed-use and manufacturing/industrial centers, as well as shoreline and single-family detached areas. This land use distribution was a result of the study of the urban form policies, existing land use and zoning, development trends, anticipated land use needs and desirable growth and development goals. Various types of zoning and land use may be permitted within each of the designations. The map is to be used in conjunction with the adopted policies of the Comprehensive Plan for any land use decision.


    The FLUM provides a basis for applying zoning districts and for making land use decisions. Policies should be considered and interpreted in accordance with the geographic characteristics of the mapped areas. Table 3 below depicts the relationship between the land use designations and zoning classifications.


    View the Land Use Designation Descriptions and Related Zoning (PDF) table.

    Public Comments

    Open Houses - Public Comment Submitted

    The following document includes the comments submitted as of March 8, 2019, which includes the Districts 1, 4 and 5 Open Houses. The document will be updated to include comments from the Districts 2 and 3 Open Houses once they have concluded. 


    Public Comments - Open Houses (Updated March 15, 2019) 


    Scoping Phase – Public Comments Submitted

    Comments will be added to the front of the following document as they are received.


    Public Comments - Scoping Phase (updated April 21, 2017)



    Future Land Use Map


    Future land use map image


    Staff Contact

    Stephen Atkinson

    Principal Planner

    (253) 591-5531