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For-Hire Vehicle Requirements

Age of Vehicle

The age of the vehicle must be no more than ten years old at the time of application.


Certificate of Safety 

The Certificate of Safety is required to be completed by an ASE Certified Mechanic and will demonstrate that the vehicle has passed a uniform vehicle safety inspection.


Consumer Complaint Survey

Per Tacoma Code 6B.220.240 every for-hire vehicle shall be equipped with consumer information conspicuously posted in a prominent place within the passenger compartment, on the app used to obtain transportation services, and/or in an electronic receipt.


Consumer information must include, at a minimum, the for-hire vehicle name, number, if applicable, the for-hire driver’s name and for-hire driver license number, a consumer survey and complaint card and shall include the following notice:


The driver of this for-hire vehicle is required by Tacoma City Code to give a receipt for services provided to any passenger who requests one. If you have a complaint about a for-hire vehicle or for-hire driver, contact the for-hire transportation services company (insert your business name, address, phone number, email address) or the Director (747 Market Street, Room 212, Tacoma, WA 98402; (253591-5252; forhire@cityoftacoma.org.)”


Flat Rate Vehicles

Flat rate for-hire vehicles transport people for compensation but are different from taxicabs because they charge a flat rate per trip, rather than a metered fare like a taxi. Additional requirements for flat rate vehicles can be found here.



Insurance must be issued by an admitted carrier in the State of Washington with an A.M Best’s Rating of not less than A- and not be less than A.M Best’s Financial Size Category VII. Each cab must be listed, and the policy must list the City of Tacoma as an additional insured.


An insurance policy of underinsured motorist coverage indicating 1.) a minimum combined single limit coverage of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) or split-level coverage of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per person, three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) per accident per vehicle.



Rates, including discounts or special rates, must be displayed in writing or otherwise displayed in an application dispatch service or website explaining the rate structure and is transparent to the rider prior to accepting the ride.


The vehicle must be equipped with a properly sealed, working, and accurate receipt-issuing taximeter or receipt-issuing mobile data terminal or receipt-issuing application dispatch service. Receipts may be sent electronically.



The taximeter must be in accurate operating condition, in good working order and sealed. 


*If your vehicle will not have a taximeter installed, see additional Flat rate requirements.


Accessible Services Fund Sign

An optional accessible services fund sign or notice may be displayed in the for-hire vehicle, on a mobile application or dispatch application. The sign may read as follows:


"The for-hire transportation industry and the City of Tacoma are working together to provide more options to passengers in need of accessible transportation.


In that effort beginning in October 2014 all for-hire rides originating in the City of Tacoma include an additional $0.10 per ride fee.  The fee goes towards administration of the Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.220 For-Hire Regulations, which includes establishing an accessible services fund.  This fund will assist in providing accessible for-hire vehicles to the public in need of more accessible transportation options."


For more information, please contact Tax & License.