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For-Hire Transportation Service Companies

For-Hire Transportation Service Companies operating in Tacoma are an essential part of the City’s overall transportation system.  The Tacoma Municipal Code regulates for-hire companies, drivers and vehicles to provide for a safe, fair and efficient operation in the city.


The City of Tacoma issues licenses to for-hire drivers, for-hire vehicles and for-hire transportation service companies doing business in Tacoma and/or unincorporated Pierce County.


Application Process for a For-Hire Transportation Services Company

Step 1: Color Scheme Approval

Submit a Color Scheme Request Application to the Tax & License division for approval.  The proposed color scheme will be reviewed,https://cityoftacoma.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/FIN-Tax-DocCntr/EW2KKsfWKbBIq6satkzGfPYBdAHu5Qt3jE5c7asPCpu5zg?e=sE0Zf7 and the applicant will receive notification of approval or denial within two to four business days.

Step 2: Prepare the Vehicle

Upon approval of the color scheme and using the for-hire vehicle requirements as a guide, ready the vehicle for operation, i.e., paint, obtain insurance, install meter if needed, obtain Certificate of Safety etc.  Complete packet of information can be printed here.

Step 3: Apply for City Business License

Once the vehicle is ready, submit a City of Tacoma Business License Application and the additional requirements listed below to Tax & License at 747 Market Street, #212, Tacoma, WA.

Step 4:  Vehicle Inspection and License Approval

If the vehicle is a metered vehicle, a City of Tacoma Tax & License Compliance Officer will contact the for-hire vehicle owner to schedule an inspection of the vehicle.  Once the vehicle passes inspection, the license will be approved, and a plate issued. 


If the vehicle is not metered a plate will be issued after the application is processed and license approved. 


Step 5: Done!


Quarterly Trip Fee Report 

Per Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.220.140.A.2.a for-hire transportation service companies shall pay a $.10 per ride fee for all rides originating in the City of Tacoma for each vehicle not meeting the criteria of an ‘Accessible for-hire vehicle’ as defined by subsection 6B.220.130. Quarterly Reports are due to the City Tax & License Division every quarter.

Vehicle License Renewals

Vehicle licenses are valid from July 1 - June 30.  A renewal notice will be mailed out in June with a due date of July 31st.  If you will not be renewing your vehicle license the plate must be returned to the Tax & License office by June 30th. 


For-Hire Dispatch Records

Per the Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 6B.220.180 maintenance of dispatch services is required and per TMC 6B.220.160 allows the Director to examine any records related to compliance of for-hire transportations services.  To learn more review License Rule 104, For-Hire Dispatch Records