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City of Tacoma Adopts Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan

City of Tacoma Adopts Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan


December 9, 2021



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City of Tacoma Adopts Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan

The action plan is a part of the AARP Age Friendly Communities initiative, and commits to actions to make Tacoma more age friendly


TACOMA, WA – The Tacoma City Council adopted the Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan on December 7.


The plan is the culmination of the commitment Tacoma has made to being more age-friendly since 2019 as a part of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. The plan was developed by staff and community leaders serving our aging populations under the leadership of Council Member Lillian Hunter.


“It has been a pleasure advancing the goals of our elders and more experienced population through the work to develop an Age Friendly Action Plan for the City of Tacoma,” said Councilmember Lillian Hunter. “If you’re not there already, 65+ is coming at you with the speed of light.  So let’s get ready now!  And not wait until the system is overwhelmed by the unique needs of a robust, experienced population.”


The Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan highlights four of the eight domains of livability established by AARP that will be the priority focus for the City over the next few years. The plan also guides staff to include specific age-friendly measures and metrics in other planning documents to ensure there is a policy lens focused on the needs of our more experienced residents.


For more information about the City’s Age Friendly Tacoma Action Plan, visit cityoftacoma.org/OEHR.