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Joint Municipal Action Committee


The Joint Municipal Action Committee (JMAC) was established in the mid-1970s and included the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks and the Tacoma School District. Pierce County became a member in 2005. The Port of Tacoma became a member in 2011. 



The JMAC consists of eight members who are appointed by the Mayor and City Council. 

Current 2015 Membership

Tacoma City Council
Anders Ibsen (Vice Chair), Robert Thoms

Metro Parks
Tim Reid, Erik Hanberg (Chair)

Tacoma School Board
Andrea Cobb, Catherine Ushka

Pierce County Council
Rick Talbert, Connie Ladenburg

Port of Tacoma
Clare Petrich

Duties and Responsibilities

The JMAC meets for the purpose of discussing common interests among the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, the Tacoma School District, Pierce County and the Port of Tacoma.


Staff Support

Staffing support to the JMAC is provided by the Community and Economic Development Department.

Agendas and Minutes

Time and Day

8 AM

Regular Meetings
Second Friday of the Month

Quarterly Meetings
Second Friday of the Quarter


2017 Meeting Schedule

2016 Meeting Schedule

2015 Meeting Schedule


Tacoma Municipal Building
Room 248
747 Market Street
Tacoma, WA 98402


Additional Information

Denise Rakas
Staff Liaison
General Information
(253) 591-5364