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Joint Municipal Action Committee


The Joint Municipal Action Committee (JMAC) was established in the mid-1970s for elected officials representing different governmental organizations to share information and collaborate. The initial members were the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks Tacoma, and Tacoma Public Schools. More governments have joined over the years: Pierce County (2005), Port of Tacoma (2011), Puyallup Tribe of Indians (2018), Pierce Transit (2021), Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (2022).


JMAC Annual Report 2023




The 2020 twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism prompted JMAC members to seek innovative solutions that create a resilient, anti-racist community by focusing their collective work under three strategic themes:

  1. Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) – Innovation in this area reduces systemic racism, sexism, and other biases that hold our community back.

  2. Public Health and Safety – Innovation in this area reduces vulnerability to health, wellness, and safety challenges.

  3. Community Wealth Building – Innovation in this area aids local entrepreneurism and wealth accumulation – especially for sectors of the community traditionally excluded from wealth building opportunities – and stems the losses that come with competing over national corporate employers.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

Area of Focus – Childcare and Expanded Learning Opportunities: Build a comprehensive system easily navigated by parents of school-age children that brings a network of service providers together to offer equitable and affordable arts, enrichment, science, nature, fitness, and sports programs.


Lead JMAC Agencies: Metro Parks, Tacoma Public Schools (in partnership with Greentrike and other partners)


Community Networks: Whole Child Community Partnership/Childcare Alliance

  • Targets/Deliverables:
    • 35 elementary school sites with after-school enrichment opportunities
    • 11 middle school sites with after-school enrichment opportunities
    • Identify/secure sustainable funding to maintain service after one-time federal ARPA COVID-relief funds run out
    • Expand access from school age to preschool/early learning needs.
    • Expand the model beyond the Tacoma Public Schools system.


Area of Focus – Community Outreach: Improve and align community outreach and engagement to underserved communities.


Lead JMAC Agencies: Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD), Metro Parks, City of Tacoma


Community Network: Equity Action Collaborative (housed at TPCHD)

  • Targets/Deliverables:
    • Create a customizable “Health in All Policies” tool to help decisionmakers consider health, equity, and racial justice when making policy decisions.
    • Create policy/program templates for each organization to consider in the areas of pay differentials for dual/multilingual employees; language access plans to deepen community outreach; setting priorities when surplussing unneeded public land; and compensating community members for participating in public processes.
    • Share community engagement tools and data via an online platform called Social Pinpoint.
    • Leverage shared resources.

Public Health and Safety

Area of Focus – Homelessness: Support Pierce County’s Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness, which aims to document the scale of need and design a system to achieve “functional zero” – a state where any person starting a new episode of homelessness has immediate access to shelter and a permanent housing intervention.


Lead JMAC Agency: Pierce County


Community Network: Develop a Unified Regional Approach model by early 2023

  • Targets/Deliverables:
    • Create a unified homeless response system, including central decision-making authority of funding and services.
    • Ensure outreach and support programs are truly effective for all populations.
    • Prevent homelessness.
    • Ensure adjacent systems address needs of people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.
    • Meet immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness where they are becoming homeless – not requiring them to leave the support networks in their communities to access services.
    • Expand the permanent housing system to meet the need.

Area of Focus – Vision Zero: Eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by addressing safe routes to public amenities.


Lead JMAC Agency: City of Tacoma

  • Community Network: Vision Zero Action Committee
    • Targets/Deliverables:
      • Eliminate fatalities and injuries by 2035.
      • Significantly increase investments in active transportation projects (such as sidewalks, crossings, and bikeways) and ensure that every transportation project is approached as an opportunity to improve safety.

Community Wealth Building

Area of Focus – Local Business: Improve local business access to contracts for work with local governments, with an emphasis on addressing the historical underutilization of minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE).


Lead JMAC Agencies: City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, Tacoma Public Schools


Community Network: Tacoma Anchor Network procurement work group (City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, Pierce Transit, Tacoma Public Schools)

  • Targets/Deliverables:
    • To be determined; the workgroup formed in 2022. The group’s first tasks are to draft a Problem Statement and produce a comparative analysis to identify themes in practices and policies.
    • Some initial concepts include finding a way to display local governments’ performance in awarding local contracts (ideally via a community dashboard) and identifying laws and administrative rules that present barriers for small businesses to access government contracts.
    • Adopt policies and protocols for quickly paying vendors.
    • Examine improvement opportunities within capital projects (public works) and contracts/services, which have different regulations in the public sector.

Area of Focus – Youth Employment: Improve and boost alignment and coordination of youth employment and apprenticeship pipelines.


Lead JMAC Agencies: Tacoma Public Schools, City of Tacoma


Community Networks: Tacoma Professional Pipeline, WorkForce Central

  • Targets/Deliverables:
    • Created the JMAC 2-5-3 Jobs Challenge: sponsor two SEED internships (Degrees of Change), five Jobs 253 internships (City of Tacoma), and three Next Move internships (Tacoma Public Schools). 


2024 Membership

Kristina Walker, JMAC Chair, City of Tacoma* and Pierce Transit
Rosie Ayala, JMAC Vice Chair, Metro Parks Tacoma

Elizabeth Bonbright, Tacoma Public Schools
Marty Campbell, Pierce County and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept.

Deanna Keller, Port of Tacoma
Ryan Mello, Pierce County and Pierce Transit

Don Meyer, Port of Tacoma
Tim Reid, Metro Parks Tacoma
Sarah Rumbaugh, City of Tacoma*

Bill Sterud, Puyallup Tribe of Indians

Korey Strozier, Tacoma Public Schools

*The City of Tacoma’s representatives are appointed by the Mayor and City Council.



Staff Support

Staffing support to the JMAC is provided by the Community and Economic Development Department.

Agendas, Minutes, Presentations and Reports are available on this web page. 


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Time and Day

8:00 - 9:30 AM

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Second Friday of the Month

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Second Friday of the Quarter


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In-person: 747 Market Street, Tacoma, WA 98402

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