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2020 Amendment

A Note about COVID-19 

Due to COVID-19 related impacts, a number of employees are in furlough or temporary layoff status. For help reaching a specific City employee, dial 311 from within Tacoma city limits or (253) 591-5000 from anywhere else. However, if you have specific questions about during this period, please reach out to the Planning Division Manager, Brian Boudet, at bboudet@cityoftacoma.org.



Latest News

The Planning Commission is currently conducting technical analysis on the 2020 Amendment Package (which includes four applications), and plans to release the package in May/June 2020 for public review in preparation for a public hearing to be scheduled in the June/July 2020 time frame. Please see the "Applications" section below to review the relevant documents for each application. 


Assessment (Completed)

The Planning Commission completed the Assessment phase for the four applications in July 2019 in accordance with the Tacoma Municipal Code 13.02.045 and moved the applications forward for technical analysis.  The Assessment phase included three major steps, as listed below in reverse chronological order.


3. Determination (Made on July 17, 2019)

2. Public Scoping Hearing (Conducted on June 19, 2019)

Three public hearing notices were disseminated, one general notice that covered all applications and two project-specific notices, as posted below:

1. Initial Review of Applications (Conducted on May 29, 2019)   


Application #1 - Heidelberg-Davis Land Use Designation

The applicant, Metro Parks Tacoma, seeks to re-designate the subject site near Cheney Stadium from the Parks and Open Space designation to Major Institutional Campus.  The designation would allow for major campus complexes such as office, educational and healthcare facilities.

  • Heidelberg-Davis - PC Review Packet (February 19, 2020)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - PC Review Packet Cover Memo (July 17, 2019)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - Attachment 1 - Heidelberg-Davis (July 17, 2019)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment of Application - Heidelberg-Davis 
  • Application #2 - West Slope View Sensitive Overlay District

    The applicant, the West Slope Neighborhood Coalition, seeks to amend the existing View Sensitive Overlay District (VSD) code requirements as it pertains to the Narrowmoor Additions, which is an approximately 349-lot subdivision within the West Slope area of Tacoma.  The proposal would decrease allowed building height from 25 feet to 20 feet in the VSD within the subject area only.

  • VSD - Community Meeting Presentation (2-20-20)  
  • VSD - Community Meeting Notice (2-20-20)  
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - PC Review Packet Cover Memo (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - Attachment 2 - Narrowmoor VSD (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment of Application - West Slope 
  • Application #3 - Transportation Master Plan Amendments

    Public Works Department seeks to amend the Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which is the transportation element of the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan, by updating policies, priority networks, project list, and performance measures; incorporating the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea Plan; making changes to support multimodal level of service, impact fees, or Vision Zero, a plan to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries; and incorporating the Dome District Business Association’s request to strengthen pedestrian priorities in the Downtown Regional Growth Center.

  • TMP - PC Review Packet (12-4-19)
  • TMP - PC Presentation (12-4-19)  
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - PC Review Packet Cover Memo (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - Attachment 3 - TMP (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment of Application - TMP
  • Application #4 - Minor Plan and Code Amendments

    Planning and Development Services Department has compiled a list of minor, non-policy related revisions to the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and the Tacoma Municipal Code, intended to keep information current, address inconsistencies, correct minor errors, increase clarity, and improve the efficiency of implementation of the Plan and administration of the Code.

  • Minor - PC Review Packet (2-5-20)
  • Minor - PC Presentation (2-5-20)  
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - PC Review Packet Cover Memo (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment - Attachment 4 - Minor Amendments (7-17-19)
  • 2020 Amendment Assessment of Application - Minor Amendments
  • Application Process Closed on April 1, 2019

    Application process for the 2020 Amendment was open between January 1 and April 1, 2019.  Posted below, for documentation purposes, are documents that were posted during the application submittal process: 

    Staff Contacts

    Stephen Atkinson

    (253) 591-5531



    Larry Harala

    (253) 591-5640



    Lihuang Wung

    (253) 591-5682